Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Force, Indiana, Muppets, and Moana!

On our quick, end-of-spring-break trip to Disney, we started with a day at Animal Kingdom and wrapped it up with a day at Hollywood Studios. We hadn't been to Hollywood Studios since 2015 and we were less than impressed way back then. Well. I am here to eat crow because we had the best time at HS in March! I don't think it was anything other than James has finally decided that Star Wars might be worth his time now. Back in 2015 he flat out refused to acknowledge it as a thing so we avoided all things Star Wars. If you have a Star Wars fan, Hollywood Studios is your park!

We started out with a stop off at Star Wars Launch Bay to meet a few characters. We met some Jawas right when we entered. {Side note: Eddie and I didn't grow up Star Wars fans so we had to google a few of the characters to know who they were. We're learning...slowly.} Next, we hopped in line for Chewbacca and LOVED meeting him. He was a seriously sweet meet and greet!

Followed by a seriously WEIRD meet and greet with Kylo Ren. I'm so glad everyone had told us what to expect with him because we would've been taken by surprise. HE DOES NOT INTERACT WITH YOU. We literally walked in and he turned and walked across the room away from us. We got set up for the picture, he came back and stood where he is, they snapped a picture, and he walked away again. I've heard stories that he will walk away from children who try to hug him (and leave them crying!). The boys got that it was his character, but it was still a weird, weird meet and greet!

The boys got signed up for Jedi Training early in the day {go AS SOON AS you arrive at Hollywood Studios! Sign up is right before you get to Indiana Jones} and it was one of the most fun parts of the day. The kids get all lined up, robed, and walk over to the Star Wars Jedi Training "facility" where they learn what it takes to be a jedi and learn several moves. THEN, Darth Vader and the Inquisitor come out to fight the newly trained jedis. James LOVED this and even Will enjoyed it! It's part of a show that you can watch, but they have to be signed up to participate and not many kids will be accepted each day. {Hint: There's a photo pass photographer to take all of your pictures here!}

We also met a few other fun favorites...

{Buzz AND Woody! Woody was a new character for us!}

Moana was SO NICE. She told the boys that they didn't need to be worried about meeting her because she's technically not a princess. Lol! Will decided he'd take a picture with her after that!

And, as always, Indiana remains our favorite Disney meet and greet. Eddie chatted with him after and he said he'd been working on the Indiana Jones stunt show for 10 years! And Marion {well, the lady who played her} had been there for 3. We LOVE this show.

We did a few new things this trip: Star Tours is the 3D Star Wars ride and the boys were SO excited to ride it. I haaaaate 3D simulation, but I rode without the glasses and I was just fine. No headache, no nausea! Woot! We also did the Muppet Show this time and Will, who hadn't ever seen much from the Muppets before, thought they were HILARIOUS! I need to find him a movie! He'd love it!

This was a SUPER fun day. So much so that we didn't even leave HS until almost 7pm to drive home. Whoops!

My faith in Hollywood Studios was reaffirmed this trip. And let me tell you something...Once Toy Story and Star Wars Lands open, it is going to be THE place to be for bigger kids!

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