Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break!

Spring Break 2017! Growing up, I don't really remember going anywhere for Spring Break, but I get the itch as a grown up to do SOMETHING while I'm off with the boys, so I had a few things planned for our week. Best laid plans? Often go awry...

On Friday night, we took supper to our besties. Lori's daddy passed away two weeks ago and we fed them a few times to take the stress off of them. Eddie and I both went to deliver our part and we took the boys with us because they were so excited about playing with Charlie and John Michael. We got to visit, we got to laugh, and the boys got to play. Wins all around!

Since it was St. Patrick's Day, I had made a Shepherd's Pie, cabbage, and a Grasshopper Pie for us. We came home and ate a delicious meal and then, after showers and jammies, we watched the third Indiana Jones movie. We are some Steven Spielberg fans in our house. The boys and I LOVE most of his movies. It was a fun night!

Saturday morning we got up and Will and I headed outside to get some cleaning up done on our patio and screened porch while Eddie and James went to baseball practice. We had a million things to work on when the big boys got back - putting patio furniture together, putting new kid lockers together, and putting together a new deck box. We bought a TON of new things for our porch/patio last weekend and this weekend we were supposed to get it all put together. 

At lunch, Eddie said he wasn't hungry and then said he was exhausted from standing at baseball (huh? what?) and then said he was FREEZING. No bueno. That man is NEVER sick, but when he is, it hits HARD. This is the second weekend in a ROW that he ran a fever. In January, February, and March he often winds up working really late nights because of how busy they are and I think it just makes him really, super run-down. Poor guy climbed into the recliner and basically didn't move for the rest of the day. 

Sunday morning, I convinced him to get up and go to the ExpressCare because if he had the flu I wanted Tamiflu ALL AROUND. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! The consensus from the doctor's office was that he had a "flu-like virus." Well. The doctor told him that he may as well have the flu, but an anti-viral wasn't going to work. So he came home and laid in the bed all day on Sunday. The boys and I bummed around as well. I finally got up and took a shower to go to the grocery store to make Chicken Noodle Soup.

Monday morning we got off to a slow start since Eddie stayed home, but we did get up and moving and the boys and I headed to the library to check out some new books for Spring Break. James spent the majority of the afternoon in a tent on the porch reading and reading and reading and READING. He wanted the first Wimpy Kid book, but as we were leaving we bumped into my elementary school librarian who was there with her neighbors' children and she said for me to PRE-READ Wimpy Kid. Hmmm...Much to James' dismay, I agreed with her assessment that the book was full of too much pre-teen attitude so we are skipping it for now. Anyone else let their kids read it? What are your thoughts? We have a whole stack of books to read this week and as I write this (this particular part on Monday afternoon) he has already read two of the chapter books and three of the Berenstain Bears books. Good heavens. It's hard to keep up with him!

We were supposed to go to St. Simons for the day on Monday to visit Anna and Merritt, but we decided to postpone so that we don't share our germs with them. BIG bummer with two unhappy kids, but since Eddie's sickness came on SO quickly, I hated to drive over there and then wind up with a sick kid once we arrived, you know?

Both boys had baseball practice on Monday night so I single-mommed it over to the ball fields. It was easy, peasy because they were at roughly the same time. They overlapped 30 minutes so there was minimal entertaining either child alone. We met Eddie for supper at Barberitos after baseball for supper.

On Monday evening Eddie told me that he'd figured out what he had over the weekend and it was not a flu-like virus. Poor guy had blisters all over his hands and feet. The doctor he saw on Saturday told him his throat looked bad so the blisters are in his throat, too. Know what's fun? Getting Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (a childhood illness) on your 40th birthday. Not. Oh goodness. It has been interesting. He's had blisters all over his hands and feet and in his throat. We called our pediatrician friends (because we thought they'd know being a disease kids most often get and all!) and they said he was good to go back into the real world 24 hours after his fever subsided, which was Sunday afternoon. SO. He's been back at it since Monday afternoon at work and t-balling since Tuesday evening. His hands look bad and his feet are SORE, but overall he seems ok. He is definitely not as energetic as he would normally be. He has come home Monday and Tuesday (I'm writing this part Wednesday morning) and promptly fallen asleep in the recliner.

Because of our crazy, weird illness, I've spent my time this week waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only plans we had were to go see Merritt and Anna, but I feel like we're "on hold" until we decide whether we're all safe. Eddie's fever and symptoms came on so quickly that I've been a little nervous to head out anywhere. We thought about going to see Beauty and the Beast in the next town (our theater is DISGUSTING so I like to drive to another theater), but their county CLOSED SCHOOL for the flu so I'm thinking that's not where we need to be. Lol! We have some plans on Friday, but it requires a good bit of walking so we're waiting to see if Eddie's poor blistered feet can stand it AND make sure that no one else comes down with the funk.

We had a birthday party for Eddie on Tuesday! It was just the four of us, but the boys enjoyed it. I'd been wracking my brain for something to give that man for his birthday and nothing seemed right. SO. Hopefully he'll find a new pair of boots he loves soon AND we'll get to head to Nashville at some point for a fun weekend. 

On Thursday morning we went BACK to the library to return our books from Monday and try to find some more challenging books for James. He read at least 10 chapter books from Monday to Wednesday. I cannot keep up with him! I LOVE that he loves to read and I am so thankful for the library because that would be a super expensive hobby if not for FREE books! Will had wanted to go to Storytime, but it's during our school time so we were able to go today. We started out the oldest ones there BY FAR, but then our besties walked in and all was right in the world! As luck would have it, Will's BFF (other Will!) came to story time, too! If you know them, you know that a little goes a LONG way, so right after story time was over I hustled my boys out and to the car! Ha! After about 30 minutes back home, Grandmama came to pick up the boys and they spent the afternoon with her!

I spent my free afternoon sitting in a chair watching Netflix. It was AMAZING. Spring Break isn't quite the same for a mom of small kiddos. That few hours was just what I needed.

Thursday evening I spent my time picking up around the house and PACKING. We planned several weeks ago to go out of town at the end of Spring Break. I'd been holding my breath waiting to see if we'd be able to actually go because of HFMD, but YAY! We did get to go! I'll post later about it, but we loaded up on Friday morning and headed to my favorite place! Two days at Disney World were just what we needed! Hahahahaha! We had a fun time and we packed a TON in in two days. On Friday we arrived at 12:30 at Animal Kingdom and we shut the park down and then on Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios from 9AM until 7PM. Wow. We were tired folks today!

School starts back tomorrow and I'm sad about that. It's nice to be able to go and do whatever we want whenever we want! But it's also nice for the boys to have a set schedule. Hopefully this week will bring lots of fun and NO GERMS. I've had three people tell me this weekend that their kids have flu. It has been HORRIBLE in South Georgia this year. Ugh!

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