Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Favorite Halloween Books for Kids

Over the past few years we have collected quite the assortment of Halloween- and fall-themed books. I have picked them up here and there for SEVEN years now. Although we have a TON of them, I do have several that are my favorites that are just timeless. I also added some chapter books to our collection this year to encourage James to read books with a little more rigor. (He tends to like to stick to grade-level books even though he reads two to three grade levels higher.)

My VERY favorite Halloween book for kiddos is Room on the Broom. It is a PRECIOUS little rhyming story about a witch. It is just the cutest book and I have the sweetest memories of reading it to James and Will when they were tiny. I think we got it at Will's first Halloween.

I also really love The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. James and I had this one memorized when he was three. Again, it just has the sweetest memories tied up with it. It's a cute story about a little old lady who is walking through the woods when things start following her.

I love ANY Berenstain Bears book. We have four fall Berenstain Bears books at our house. The Spooky Old Tree, The Berenstain Bears Go On a Ghostwalk, Trick or Treat, and Harvest Festival. I love that the books gently teach lessons. They're also Christian based so they share our ideas and morals about how we should treat others. The fact that they're seasonal is a bonus for me!

I Spy A Pumpkin is one I picked up from our Scholastic flier several years ago and it (and others like it) are really fun to me! I also really enjoy these in the car. These keep the boys interest for a good while. AND they list a word and picture so even Will, who isn't reading yet, can "read" them by himself.

I added Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe to our collection this year. I remember it as a child and thought James would get a kick out of it. Santa brought it last year so I stuck it up in our Halloween bin and just recently pulled it out.

The Witches by Roald Dahl is one that I hope James will discover soon and LOVE. He has thoroughly enjoyed Roald Dahl in the past and I don't think this will be any different. We even have the movie version of this to watch at some point over the next month.

The Worst Best Halloween Ever is new to our collection (but we've read it before!) this year. Barbara Robinson brings the Herdman kids back to life in this chapter book. (Remember The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever?)  Hopefully this one will be a hit!

Little Blue Truck has been a favorite in our house for several years so I picked up Little Blue Truck's Halloween for the boys this year. It's a lift-a-flap book so it's a little young for us, but I couldn't resist. I think this is the fourth book that we have in the series. They are SO cute.

I grabbed a Halloween-themed AND a Thanksgiving-themed Magic Tree House for James. Those are really cute, easy readers and I hope that he loves them. If your child hasn't discovered this series but they're an early reader, pick up a few. This is one series that James has read quite a few from. He has gotten bored with reading a little faster than I've liked so we put the series down after about 15 books, but I hope he'll enjoy these two new ones!

I also picked up a Halloween Geronimo Stilton book this year. I have had people recommend Geronimo Stilton over and over to me so this was a fun way to see what all the fuss is about! They're a little more advanced than our Magic Tree House series, but still look perfect for a 2nd or 3rd grader.

One of the boys' favorites is another oldie but goodie and that's the Scary Storybook Collection of Disney stories. I've found James reading through this one several times. It's a collection of short stories of our favorite characters (and villains!) in one large book.

We have TONS more books, but those are our most favorite titles and our newest selections. What are your kids reading for Halloween? We'd love to hear your favorites!

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