Monday, October 24, 2016

Farm Field Trip!

Recently, James' class went on a field trip to a local farm. We went for the pumpkins, but there were a TON of really fun things to do as well! The weather was PERFECT because it was a little cool when we left to go. I love fall weather!

For James, the fun began the minute the day started because he got to ride a SCHOOL BUS for the first time ever! He's a car rider (we live about 2.5 minutes from his school) and he missed his field trip last year because we were at Disney World. So this was his first trip. I got so tickled at him the morning of. I mentioned that he needed to please stay sitting down the whole time because school buses don't have seat belts and he was just FLOORED. When we arrived at the farm the first thing he said to me was, "MOM. I didn't have a seat belt and we WENT ON THE INTERSTATE!" Ha! I do enjoy him being so safe.

I had a HARD time with photos on this trip. I accidentally left my cell phone at Mom's house that morning, my big camera was on the fritz (someone had just messed with the dial at the viewfinder so it was blurry but at the time I wasn't sure what the problem was...), and Mom's phone was dying so we have very few pictures. Will and I are going to the same place this week so I hope to get some fun pictures of him.

First up for James' class was the wagon ride. This was my favorite part of the day. It was about 30 minutes and we saw all kinds of animals. LOTS of alligators, catfish, turtles, various horses and ponies, goats and sheep, buffalo, cows, longhorn. It was so neat!

Those teeth crack me up! Let's all pray that they straighten up a little bit.

After the hay ride I gave up on my camera, but we had plenty more to do. We watched a pig race, went into their barn, played corn hole, went through a corn maze, learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and picked pumpkins out, drank lemonade, ate lunch, and played on the playground. It was just a super fun field trip! I can't wait to go back with Will!

I throughly enjoyed my day with my big boy and wound up checking him out and taking him on home with me because it was already 1pm by the time we were done. I love a good field trip and this one was a great one!

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