Sunday, August 28, 2016


It is a lazy {not really...} Sunday afternoon and I have not blogged regularly in MONTHS, but I thought I'd pop in with a little update on things we've been up to since August began.

I have worked and worked and worked this month. I only have a part-time job, but my responsibilities changed a little bit at work this year and August has been crazy. Thankfully, once I get my work done this coming week for September, I will be pretty much caught up and able to get things done at my house again!

James started out the month with a new accessory! He can't remember to wear them all of the time, but they are also not very strong. I figure if he doesn't feel like he needs them yet, he'll be fine with or without them. If he could just remember: on your face or in your case. I think I've said that 1.3 million times this month. This is THE style for glasses right now. His are black on the front, red on the back. And they are NINJA TURTLES brand. He is really super cool and hip. (I may not be for saying that, though.) He wasn't really a fan of the black/red combo at first, but a pre-teen friend has the same exact ones (except Nike instead of Ninja Turtles) and James became fine with it. Also, check out those teeth below. We're up to four lost teeth now!

First grade is also apparently the year that we are not only interested in girls, but we have GIRLFRIENDS. And he talks about it. Or, he giggles uncontrollably about it. But woe be unto you if YOU bring it up. Don't EVEN ask about his girlfriend(s).

Pre-K is NOT the year that Will is interested in girls, by the way. He still only likes girls if they are related to him.

August in Pre-K is THE month for birthday parties as well. Will has spent most of his four years either being hauled to birthday parties for James' friends OR being left at home with Eddie because he isn't invited to a party. Well, this year seems to be the year of the party. Will has had THREE birthday parties to attend in August. And he is all about staying until they are over. Yesterday, Eddie took him to one and they stayed from 10AM until almost 2PM because he was having such a blast! {Meanwhile, James was BORED at home. He's not used to being the only child.}

James started Cub Scouts last Monday night. He. is. so. pumped. Poppy was an Eagle Scout and I think that's why he's so excited. Eddie, however, is not so excited. He was not a fan of Cub Scouts at James' age. Hopefully they will really enjoy this time together. Will and I are having our own special time together on Monday nights. Last Monday, I walked and he rode his bike. James has never really been interested in bike riding and hasn't learned to ride without training wheels yet. (I know...terrible parents. He doesn't even care.) Will, however, is all about the wheels. Skates, bikes, etc. He wants to ride it. He told me on our walk that he's working hard so that he can learn to ride without training wheels before James. Lol!

We are also in full-on T-Ball mode. The boys are on the same time this fall (praise!) because we are playing Will up. One practice/game a day? YES. 

We've spent two August weekends at the lake. We didn't go anywhere AT ALL this summer as a family so we are making up for lost time. The first weekend we went just the four of us. Last weekend, Grandmama and Granddaddy joined us. Lake weekends are full of NOTHING but it is NICE.

Football started on Friday night so that's where you'll find at least three out of four members of our family when there's a home game. (I did go on Friday! I usually make it to one game a season. HA!)

Jamberry and Keep Collective both have new catalogs out so that's keeping me busy (thankfully! I love those "jobs!")

This picture made all of us laugh. James + Will = Eddie. Or James = Eddie and Will = Kelly. They were at my favorite place on Earth in this photo. 

Mississippi Roast was a HIT at our house recently. (It is all over Pinterest.) WHERE has Kerrygold butter been all of my life?! WHO has been hiding that from me? OMG.

This Looney Tune had to go with me to the dermatologist the other day {feeling like I LIVE there recently} and he was SO well behaved {because he slept for the first 30 minutes!} that I rewarded him with an Icee at Target. I told him the cherry was the safest bet. He chose some watermelon flavor and hated it. Bet he gets cherry next time! He rode all over Target in the cart like this. Hallelujah! It was a wonderful afternoon!

That's a good portion of our catching up! Hopefully it won't be months before I'm back in this space!

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