Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Goals...

Doing some goal-setting to get things done around here. Life has just gotten busier and busier. I don't like being busy. I like being able to relax. BUT. We have a ton to do and it isn't going to get done with me relaxing. So here goes!

1. 100 miles on FitBit. Eeeek! MOVE!
2. Read 4 books.
3. Read 2 chapter books to the boys.
4. Finish Gilmore Girls.
5. Finish X-Files Season 2.
6. Finish Blue Bloods Season 4.
7. Read through April of The Bible in a Year.
8. Blog 15 times.
9. Make our Summer Bucket List.
10. Close SIX parties for Jamberry. {AHHH!}
11. Close THREE socials for Keep.
12. Get summer camps lined up for boys.
13. Sort through and remove ALL yard sale stuff from office.
14. Organize master closet.
15. Lose 5 pounds.
16. 64 ounces of water per day.
17. Front porch makeover! Get it done!

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