Saturday, March 12, 2016


Back when James was a tiny baby, Kelly Stamps did a blogging series called, "Show Us Your Life." Some of you may remember it, but it was a lot of showing your home, your favorite things, etc. I wrote a LOT of those posts and I found a lot of women to follow through those link-ups years ago. The link-up is on Fridays, but I didn't see it until this morning so I'm linking up today. Today is all about re-introducing ourselves. SO...

I'm Lauren. I've been blogging for EIGHT years. I started blogging right before Eddie and I got married because we were moving to a new town. It was an easy way to keep our parents and friends informed about working on our new house and then it came a great way to keep them updated {with pictures!} on grandchildren.

I'm 32 years old. I'm married to Eddie and we have two VERY busy boys, James {6} and Will {4}. James is our very bright, very grown-up kindergartener. He has THRIVED at school this year and it is so cool to see how much he is growing and changing every day. He is SO smart and was just moved into the gifted program at school. I'm excited to watch him work in that class! Will is our shy but wild preschooler. He is such a JOY. Will is a mama's boy and likes to feel every situation out. He loves to be with James because he looks to him to make things ok. He's had to become a little more independent this year without James at his school and it's been fun to watch. He amazes us DAILY by doing things we didn't know he could do. Just Thursday I asked him to write his name on something and he did it like he'd been doing it for months. Nope. He'd never had any interest in it! He's a stinker.

I was an English teacher for three years before we had James and I became a stay-at-home mama. I loved it, but I don't know if I'll ever go back. I "teach" preschool now four days a week. I'm in the nursery class so we have babies from 7 months to 18 months. It's a fun way to spend my mornings! I'm also a consultant for Jamberry and Keep Collective. I LOVE my other "jobs," too. 

I love reading, writing, the beach, day trips, painted toenails, coffee, soundtracks, Netflix, clean sheets, and summer break! {I am SO ready for school to be out. Two. more. months. June 1st I'll be ready for school to start back, but for now I'm ready for adventures with my guys and I'm sick of the germs! I miiiiiight be a little bit of a germaphobe. Okay, I'm a serious germaphobe.}

So that's me! If you've stopped by from the link-up, welcome! If you've been here for eight years, THANKS for continuing to read! Muah!

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Meggie said...

I think I originally discovered your blog through one of Kelly's link-ups and now I've been reading for years... and we have lots and LOTS in common. =)I'm thankful Kelly has led me to some mamas in similar seasons as me that I can relate to and learn from!