Friday, March 4, 2016

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!

As per my usual, I am WAYYYY behind posting about Will's birthday, but two weekends ago we had quite the birthday weekend extravaganza! I'm starting all the way back on February 11th for his school birthday party! We've done a lot since mid-February, but we have mostly been battling sickness so I haven't gotten around to writing. Our days have been spent suffering on the couch, going to the doctor, fighting over medicine, and watching the whole season of Fuller House {and I miiiiiiight have watched the whole season in one day...that was the night James threw up once so I was up for hours watching him}.

February 11th:

We almost always have to celebrate Will's school birthday a day or two before his real birthday. So far, his birthday has fallen on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at school. The first year he was in school his birthday was on Thursday, but he went to school on Wednesdays and Fridays (and actually I think he didn't even go that week that year now that I think about it). Last year his birthday fell on the Valentine's Day party so we did it the day before and the same for this year. He hasn't seemed to mind at all and it really seems like we just party all week long!

This was Will's show-and-tell on the day of his birthday. I came out to the car to put my things in the passenger seat and nearly had a heart attack. I'm sure I was a SIGHT driving to school. This freaky rabbit THANKFULLY lives at Grandmama's house.

First up, Show-and-Tell! The rabbit had shorts but lost them on the way into school.

First EVER bakery birthday cake. We have been blessed to have Mrs. Nancy make all but maybe TWO birthday cakes. I went the easy route this year and Will was pleased. This was Will's "real" birthday party at school because we talked him into going out of town for his birthday. He wanted a themed-party, so this was it!

February 12th:

We went out to eat with Eddie's side of the family on Friday night to Cracker Barrel. I'm not sure why, but we didn't open gifts with them, they just sent them home with us. Mostly Paw Patrol-themed, he was thrilled.

Last sleep as a 3 year old! CRAZY.

February 13th:

Up and at 'em on his birthday! We left our house by 7:30AM to head to the Jacksonville Zoo.

Cacky, Anna, and Merritt met us in the parking lot for a pre-zoo picnic. Last time we made the mistake of eating lunch there. Ick.

Cacky made her chocolate sheet cake so we enjoyed more candles and cake in the parking lot!

Poor birthday boy. The humidity was at about 0%. If there is no humidity, his hair is a MESS. And that's saying something, because curly hair is almost always a MESS. It just won't "do" without humidity. 

We took the double Bob in and left Merritt's single in the car. Best. idea. ever. Both boys never wanted to ride at the same time (or at all) so it wasn't a big deal and Miss Merritt rode in style. (They did occasionally fight over who got to sit with her and hold her hand, but it wasn't about the stroller.)

The tigers are the coolest! You need to go to the Jacksonville Zoo just to see their cool habitat!

This didn't take long.

February 14th:

Both boys got new hats (Cubs for Will because he is obsessed with Henry from Rookie of the Year), a movie, and a few books.

Our adventure for the day was to take the ferry to Fort Mantanza at the beach but when we got there we couldn't get {free} tickets until a few hours later. We went to the park and walked an exercise trail and had the best time and the most fun!

Yay, humidity! Please note that I do not help Will's hair in any way. It just does whatever it wants. Today, it wanted to curl!

On the ferry {large pontoon} to Fort Mantanza. Sheesh, it was COLD. We didn't realize it would be so much colder and so Cacky was the only one in a jacket! Whoops! {Eddie did have on long pants, for those of you who know him!}

February 15th:

Last meal before heading home was at one of our favorites, Conch House. They have "bird nests" you can sit in to eat that are on the water. It was a little chilly, but still fun.

What a fun trip! Let's go again!

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