Monday, January 11, 2016

Fevers, Basketball, and Christenings.

I feel like it's been a while since I've done a "life lately" post, so I'm going to recap last week and weekend for you today. SO much going on these days but most of it is the humdrum regular stuff.

{No, Mama. I didn't eat an Oreo.}

{Bert and Ernie. Get it?!}

Last week the boys had Monday and Tuesday off to finish up Christmas break and then school started back on Wednesday. On Monday we met Grandmama at the movie theater to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was a cute movie. We haven't seen the other two, but it didn't matter. James LOVED it and danced and laughed through the whole movie. Will was fidgety but I think it was because it was the time of day that if he is going to take a nap he falls asleep. He wiggled so he WOULDN'T fall asleep. We just fed him through the whole thing and he sat still.

We went later to a local church's playground that was new to us and played with some friends. We had a great time! James had basketball later that night with some of the same friends. He has THOROUGHLY enjoyed basketball this season. I'll post an update on that soon.

Tuesday we pretty much just enjoyed our last day of freedom before school started back. James started complaining of a headache, but when I asked if he was just apprehensive about school starting back he said he was. It's tough to beat your mama at her own game. ;) Later at supper, though, he didn't finish his meal (he normally eats THREE helpings at lunch and supper...he's a bottomless pit!) so I knew something was up. He was also FREEZING. Greeeeat. After his bath I took his temperature and it was low, but he had a fever. Double greeeeat. I secured a sub for Wednesday morning JUST in case and sent him to bed. 

I checked on him about fifty times over night and his temperature hung around 99-100*. So on Wednesday morning I went ahead and called the doctor's office and they could see us at 10:30. We dropped Will off at school and headed over a little while later. I was completely convinced that they'd swab him for strep and tell us it was positive, but they didn't! The 10 minute culture came back negative, but THEY were so convinced it was strep that they sent it off for the 24-hour. We got sent home with a prescription for amoxicillin to take unless the second test came back negative. It was tough having to miss school, but we made the best of it and Mr. James got some much-needed rest for a few days. Thankfully, besides school we didn't have much going on. He DID, however, tell Dr. G. immediately when she walked in that he was headed to see his baby cousin over the weekend and wanted to know if that would still be alright. Ha! He got right to the point. Forget school! We need to know if we're safe around Merritt!

He wound up missing Thursday AND Friday because he ran fever through Thursday. He was feeling much better, but still not 100% on Friday. Since he had been fever-free he played in his basketball game on Saturday and that WORE HIM OUT. He and Will BOTH took naps on Saturday afternoon and that's unusual for James unless he's exhausted.

I have to tell you about two things just because they were fun for me. FIRST, this is the worst selfie...I don't do selfies for a REASON...but I'm sharing anyway. A friend of mine (hi, Jen!) and I have for a long, LONG time lamented the over-posting of Facebook ladies that have direct sales businesses. One of those that we felt was annoying was the Younique lady. This is not anyone in particular, just that we see a lot of over-posting from some. We also thought that the 3D mascara was dumb. A lot of pictures we've seen look VERY you know what I mean? Anyway, Jen got 3D mascara from her best friend for Christmas and lo and behold, she loved it. NOOOOO. We so didn't want to like expensive mascara. We really DID NOT. She came to my house and showed me how to apply it in person and it looked really, REALLY great. So here is my selfie because I broke down and bought some and I have to say...I really, REALLY love it. If you need a local lady that isn't annoying or sales-y, let me know. My girl is GOOD. She delivered it and I didn't pay shipping or anything.

The second fun thing (for me) was that I won a prize at Bunco on Thursday and I just thought it was so pretty and so ME.

On Sunday morning we got up SUPER early and left our house before 7:45 to head to Merritt's christening. Her service was at 10:30. We hadn't ever been to her church before, but it was BEAUTIFUL. Oh my goodness! The service itself was very, VERY traditional and Eddie and I loved it. We are *almost* Episcopalian. We would really LOVE the Episcopal church. And this was as close as you could get. It was wonderful! The whole service was about baptism and they had several baptismals set up around the church and the preacher asked everyone to come around and renew their own baptism and dip their fingers in the water and mark their foreheads. I'm not sure how many times will baptized himself before we left, but he made sure he and God are good. :) 

{We had a side-of-the-road potty break for the boys - the trip to Anna and Lance's is through the middle of nowhere! We changed the boys into their church clothes while we were pulled over and we saw a wild hog. The boys wanted to go and see it so we had a quick tutorial in wild animal behavior. James was standing by his door buckling his belt and he said the hog dragged its foot through the dirt and he thought it was going to charge so he left his belt unbuckled and jumped in the car quickly!}

{Will has a love-hate relationship with bridges. He giggles the whole time we're on a big one but he white-knuckles his seat!}

We ate lunch together with everyone who went to Merritt's christening and Mom brought out a birthday cake she had had made for Anna's 30th birthday - a Minnie Mouse cake. Because who doesn't want Minnie when they're 30?! Ha!

After lunch we went to the fort for a walk. It was chilly!!!! The boys enjoyed running around. Will didn't make it long before he had a complete meltdown so we headed home soon after. The boys passed out in the car on the way home, but thankfully they still slept good on Sunday night.

We've had a good week back at school! James has been catching up on all of his work and Will has been working on writing his name. James got his report card on Monday and I'm happy to report that he's reading on a Level H (kindergarteners need to be reading on Level E before the end of the year). We are so excited for him! He is doing GREAT in reading and writing.

Other than that, it is business as usual around here! Hope you're having a great week, too!

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