Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

For at LEAST three years, but probably more, we have gone on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt with the boys. It's always fun, but this year TOOK THE CAKE. Will was SO into it. He loved it. I gave each boy a bingo board with pictures of things they were supposed to look for and mark off and that made a huge difference. In the past I've held the list myself. I highly recommend THESE bingo boards that are free printables with pictures. Will was thrilled that he could do it alone. We will very likely do this again at least once more this season just because it was so much fun!

Our town has Christmas lights, but no HUGE displays nearby like in a lot of towns. Our park put up more lights this year than ever before and our downtown area had some, too. We found a neighborhood that had a good many and then a farm that had a TON. 

Both boys marked off all but one thing on their bingo boards. James passed OUT about 30 minutes in. When he was two months old Eddie and I did a lot of Christmas lights looking while trying to ride him to sleep. Will didn't fall asleep (he's not our car rider!) and when we got home he climbed into my bed and watched Jim Carrey's The Grinch with me. I actually fell asleep with a horrible headache. Eddie ran to the grocery store but when he came back he fell asleep watching The Grinch with Will.

We all enjoyed our outing! Thank goodness for plans that work out and boys that aren't fussing or whining! :)

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Lauren said...

Love this! I may have to steal the idea in a year or so!