Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Decor: Boys' Room

No, the boys' room is not decorated (non-holiday). I have been looking for bunk beds and we just haven't found what we're looking for yet. SO I've been hesitant to hang anything on the walls above their beds. And I am well aware that they need curtains - especially on Saturday mornings! HA! - but I just haven't finished yet. Maybe by next Christmas, huh? But I LOVE decking the halls in their room. It's just fun! I skipped the playroom altogether this year and put their tree in their bedroom. Next year they'll need a new one. The top lights are out on this one. I'll probably get them a taller one next year and change up the theme on it. They want an "adventurers" room so I'll likely collect some ornaments in that theme - canoes, deer, hunting, etc. - and put that up next year. Although we were thisclose to doing a Harry Potter tree this year because we found one that was SO cute and the boys LOVE Harry right now.

Welcome to the boys' room! Come on in!
Both boys have red and white striped flannel sheets from Target in years past. I also have a few PBK flannel Christmas pillow cases to make things fun. I bought the reindeer pillows from a blog friend years ago. She's no longer in business or around, but I think that they are drop cloths cut and sewn and then reindeer painted on with a stencil (Silhouette has plenty!). They look easy peasy!

The Georgia tree is still here, but not holding strong. Half of it is now unlit. This is year seven! It's time for a new one.

Every little nut allergic kid needs a nut cracker collection, right?! The boys LOVE these. I put them in the dining room this year and kept finding them moved all over. I rearranged and moved them to their room and still go in and find them lined up most of the time. Will is obsessed.

They have loved having their room cozied up. It's one of my favorite things, too!

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