Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Choir Musical

James' Christmas Choir Musical this year was SO cute. He really, really, really wanted the part of the Sherriff, but there were a TON of lines and all of the parts go to the big kids that want them. A good friend of ours got to be the Sherriff (and James was ready as his understudy if the need arose!) and he was hysterical. He watched Smokey and the Bandit in preparation for the part and was the perfect Buford T. Justice. Hilarious. The musical was called "The Loaned Manger" and I think it was the cutest one I've seen in a long time.

Unfortunately, my little cowboy came down with strep (unbeknownst to us) the morning of the performance. He and I skipped church because he was feeling poorly and he sort of moped around all morning. My worst fear was that he picked up a stomach bug and was waiting until we got on stage to show the symptoms of that. Can you imagine? I kept telling myself that at least he was on the front row.

I am one of his choir teachers (those of you who know me...hush!) so I had to sit on stage with them and I kept mouthing "Are you ok???" Thankfully he made it through the show. He wasn't his enthusiastic self, but he lived.

He started running fever when we arrived home from church. He also complained of a HORRIBLE headache and was moaning in his sleep. That will scare you! I woke him up at 11 to take him to the bathroom and try to give him some ibuprofen. We were up and down after that until probably 3AM. Long night. I called the pediatrician first thing on Monday morning and we got a 2:30 appointment. Thankfully we were in and out there and he tested positive for strep. That's his second bout with it this year.

I sort of wish he could get a musical re-do, but we'll try again in the spring! Thankfully he was feeling 100% better by Tuesday morning!


Anna Catherine said...

He does look pale in the pictures! I'm sad we didn't get to see it and as long as you weren't singing, I'm sure it was great! Just kidding! 😉

Simply LKJ said...

That's a bummer. But, he looks adorable!! Keep an eye on the strep, repeated bouts are a sign that the tonsils need to come out.