Friday, November 20, 2015

Disney 2015: Day Five - Magic Kingdom

How long is this woman going to talk about DISNEY?!?! And if she's going to continue, could she at least not take week-long breaks?! Okay, okay...It's time to begin wrapping up our Disney trips. This is our last day at the Happiest Place on Earth and then I have a few extra posts about my tips, etc. Okay, let's go.

Our first stop on Sunday, October 25th (I KNOW. Almost a month of this!) was to Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary. It was a short walk from our hotel room since we stayed there. This restaurant gets RAVES from people. Every time we've gone to Disney people ask if we're eating there. We decided to give it a go since we were so close and had the dining plan this time. The original plan for the day was to eat breakfast here and then pack up and go. BUT the longer you stay at Disney, the cheaper your tickets are per-day. It was like $75 for the five of us to return to the parks for a day so we did. Chef Mickey's first, Magic Kingdom second.

This was a breakfast buffet which was AWESOME because we hadn't done a breakfast yet. Different food? Yes, please. It was delicious. We were seated and told we could go ahead and fix our plates and the chef would come by. We always wait for the chef. As always, James could eat most of the food but had to avoid the "dessert" type foods.

Here you meet Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Donald. If you're trying to meet a ton of characters, this is a great one. It's the only one we tried that had five characters. Most have four.

I took a ton of pictures and video on my phone here. The quality isn't great, but I'm happy to have the video. Now to figure out how to compile all of it into an awesome video to post here. I need a GoPro. THAT would've been awesome for this trip.

James asked Donald why it's called Chef Mickey's instead of Chef Donald's trying to get him stirred up. James thought it was HILARIOUS.

After we left Chef Mickey's we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours of fun. We hadn't told the boys we were doing this so I was excited for that surprise since nothing else on the trip was a surprise at all. We decided to try to do a few things we missed on the first day. 

First stop? The Teacups. Ugh. I sat this ride out. I cannot. cannot. cannot. ride the spinning-in-circles rides. Mom and I actually sat in line for the Mad Hatter and we let the boys ride. Thankfully, they were done and walking up just as the Mad Hatter came back from his tea party break. We LOVED him. Of all our character meet-and-greets, he was one of the most engaging. 

Next, we had a FastPass+ for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and I might vote this my FAVORITE ride at Disney World. It was AWESOME. I rode with a complete stranger and we wound up getting stuck on an upward hill. I looked over at him and said, "I haven't ridden before. Is this normal?" HA! Nope, it wasn't. We weren't stuck long, thankfully. I loved this one. Even Will was tall enough for it!

Check out Will's face...

We had to ride the Barnstormer again, of course.

Next, we rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and took a picture Will has been waiting his whole life to take...

This is what Will had been waiting on after Buzz Lightyear. He has looked and looked and looked at this picture of James and wanted his own:

We split up for our next ride. James and Eddie rode Space Mountain while Cacky, Will, and I rode The Carousel of Progress. I have to admit...snore. Will really enjoyed it, but it made me SLEEPY. James said HE LOVED Space Mountain. Will was pretty bummed he wasn't able to ride, too.

We all grabbed a snack next. Remember how I told you we'd had trouble spending our snack credits? Well, Eddie walked over to the snack counter to buy about five snacks and the girl's cash register was down and she GAVE THEM AWAY. Ha!

After we'd eaten most of our snacks we hopped on the People Mover and decided it was one of our favorite rides. Will especially loved it. It's calm, it's cool, and you see a ton! Will thinks that because it goes through part of Space Mountain that he RODE Space Mountain. :) Shhhh.

Our time was coming to a close after that ride. It was HOT, we were TIRED, and it was getting CROWDED. Sadly, we made our way to the front of the park. Cacky bought Will his ears (James got his last time) while I stood in line to use up our FIFTEEN remaining snack credits. The people of Starbucks Magic Kingdom were super helpful. 

Yes, yes they will take one of these every. single. time. we go.

We left and headed back to Contemporary for a potty break and a last farewell. 

Remember the car trouble we'd had at Animal Kingdom? Well, the plan was NOT to crank it until we were headed out. If it didn't crank we would have it towed and seen about. If it DID crank we wouldn't turn it off until we had to. Eddie got in and tried. Nothing. Tried again. Nothing. He got out and started to walk in to the resort and Mom told him to try ONE more time. Y'all. It cranked. I couldn't even believe it. We had prayed over that car all day long. We just wanted to get close enough to home that if we broke down again we could get someone to rescue us and not have to spend a day driving back to pick it up. Whew! Thank you, Jesus!

And that's it! I'll share my thoughts and tips on planning in another post, but that wraps up our whole trip!

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I LOVE the family pic of yall in front of the castle and with the pumpkins! ...and Eddie's whip and nae nae pic. I love that one too. :)