Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Halloween. Hocus Pocus Movie Night.

I am all about a themed movie night. We do this all the time because it is FUN and easy and the boys love it. I've waited years to have children want to have movie nights with me because Eddie doesn't care one iota about it. James is all into it and Will does whatever James likes. :)

We pulled out the fall china, I made vegetable soup and cornbread muffins, I whipped up some pumpkin muffins (I HAVE to find a healthier recipe for these - the boys DEVOURED them), and we snuggled up in our Halloween jammies to watch Hocus Pocus. To me, it's CLASSIC Halloween and I love it so much.

All of my Halloween food decorations came from the Dollar Tree. :)

I love family nights at home with a fun meal and a good movie. Do you have any favorite family movie night ideas?

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