Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Halloween. Boys Decor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself here on the blog. What in the WORLD has happened? Well, that would be life with a primary school-aged child. Holy cow, it's a different world when they're not in preschool anymore! Sheesh!

Please, OH PLEASE, take a peek at the post under this one because I'm blogging twice today and Princess Minnie Cate deserves her 15 minutes of fame. She's way more cute and beautiful than Halloween decor so go see her! It's just under this post...

So here's the thing. Halloween is my favorite. If you know me, you probably already know that about me. I do love Christmas a little more, but Halloween is very near and dear. I don't love GORY Halloween, but I do love some pumpkins, cooler weather, Halloween costumes, etc. So, I'm going to attempt this yet again. You can find 2013 HERE and 2012 HERE. I skipped last year because we moved at the beginning of October and nothankyou. I have a whole slew of things to show you this month if we can get to all of them.

I perked up the boys' bedroom decor last week with a few Halloween touches and they, of course, loved it! Anything new and fun! The boys have two Mickey pumpkins that light up. They LOVE them. We've plugged them in a few times for night lights, but mostly they're just for fun. Everything else is art they've created. Will's class last year did the CUTEST fall handprints and footprints so that's most of our art. James made the turkey, the pinecone owl, and the glass jar pumpkin (which has since been destroyed by Will). I left plenty of room for this year's art and pictures.

Their pillow cases are my FAVORITE. I am nuts for Pottery Barn Kids' holiday bedding, but I am not so nuts for the price. I cannot afford to spend $50 on a sheet set for a twin bed for a month of the year...especially when we still pull sheets off often for bed wetting and other fun stuff. SO. I buy the spare pillow cases! It dresses up the bed and is FUN for the boys without the super high price. These were $15 each but I had a coupon. Eddie still thinks it's ridiculous, but I am a huge fan.

Do you decorate your kiddos' rooms for holidays? I think it's seriously the most fun and SO easy!

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Meggie said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the pillowcase idea. Wonder if Terrell will go for it? My boys would eat it up!