Friday, September 11, 2015

Playing Catch-Up.

I have several blog posts in the works. I had more to share about July. I'll recap August. And then maybe I'll catch up on September. We'll see. We are in the swing of things with school and choir and church and soccer and and and.

James has been in Kindergarten for five weeks now and he seems to be excelling. I stopped by after a PTO chairperson meeting this week and stopped to chat with his teacher about how he's doing. She said they've had a little trouble with him, especially when he's doing penmanship. She politely said he's stubborn and head-strong. :) Tell us something we don't know! He wants to form his letters how HE wants to form them. She said he finally caught on this week that he'd have to do less work if he did it their way to begin with. That's a lesson we could all learn from, right? She also said they had benchmarked their reading levels and will start reading groups sometime in September. Poor James is going to be all by himself for reading groups because he has the highest reading level in the class. I don't want to brag, but goodness gracious that makes my English teacher heart soar! And it is encouraging considering we aren't enjoying our math work AT ALL. Bless him. He is my child.

Will is doing great as well. He has really, really, really excelled at school so far this year. His teachers have so many positive things to say about him and that makes me SO happy. He has had a hard time leaving me in the mornings because I'm down the hall from him instead of driving him through the drop-off. I either have to have someone pull him off of me, sneak out, or have my teaching partner walk him to his room. He is a mama's boy. He has enjoyed getting to be a special helper a few times already - line leader, circle helper, etc. He's also enjoying Show and Tell. He and Grandmama have a fun time coming up with what to take. She teamed up with James on that two years ago and has enjoyed doing that again. This is "C" week so tomorrow he's taking cicadas. The weirder, the better for Grandmama's Show and Tell.

We have something going on after school every day of the week. EVERY day. Will is playing soccer twice a week, we all go to church on Wednesday afternoons, I've had Keep socials and Jamberry parties every week recently (SO thankful for that!!!), I'm involved in Book Club, PTO, Bunco, teaching Sunday School, helping with choir, and teaching preschool four days a week. This year has been a big jump into more busyness for us. We no longer have long afternoons for naps and playing. We eat lunch and have about an hour and a half before it's time to pick up James. It's all good and things that we want to be doing, it's just an adjustment.

Other than that, we are waiting for Minnie Cate's arrival and finalizing things for a big, fun trip we have planned soon. We are moving into our "busy" months. September - December always seem to be crazy busy for us. FUN things, though. We are looking forward to all of it!

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