Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Club Baby Shower!

Two weeks ago at our book club meeting we showered E and her new baby W! It was so much fun! The decorations were EASY. I pulled things out around my house that I had for my boys and didn't buy a THING. My friend, Jen, who super creative came early to help arrange everything. It turned out super cute, E got lots of sweet baby things, and we had a fun meeting chatting it up and perusing our new book list!

My boys came home and were tickled to see that the baby was still at our house! They needed to read his new books to him.


Lauren said...

Adorable!!! And Eddie looks good with a baby in his hands...look at James and Will! Sweetest brothers ever! Tell them I still vote for another! ;)

Anna Catherine said...

I'm so glad they are getting practice holding babies before October!

Anna Catherine said...

P.S. William is having a stellar hair day in these pics!