Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vacation Bible School - V-B-YES!

Ohhh, that cheesy title courtesy of a VBS song in the mid-90s. Anyone else remember that one?

We had Bible School two weeks ago and it was a fun, but sort of crazy, week. And not the normal VBS crazy, but our own family was sick crazy. *Sigh* VBS came the week after the boys were sick on Friday. We went to the VBS kick-off on Sunday night where Eddie grilled hamburgers for everyone and the boys and I did all the VBS stuff. As soon as we arrived home, Eddie got sick with the virus. Awesome. See up there where he grilled burgers? (insert emoji with wide eyes and open mouth) It was (thankfully!) a very short-lived virus, but I was up all night checking on him, checking on the boys, and not sleeping on the sofa, so I phoned it in on Monday and sent the boys to VBS with Grandmama while I tried to sleep and not worry myself nauseated. Thankfully, I did NOT get the virus and I was able to carry on with the boys for Tuesday-Thursday.

Our Sunday morning Sunday School crowd. We usually have 4-5 children, but this morning we had 14 little ones. WHOA. I made Eddie stay with me and the other daddy pictured stayed, too. It took all of us.

VBS music was probably my boys' favorite. This is Will and his teacher from school this year who loves him and cannot tell him no.

We always get these "Bible Buddies" at VBS, but this year you could connect them with an app and they came to life.

There is no tired like VBS tired. See the next several for evidence:


VBS snacks are too good to wait for. We had a story with our snack each day, but our little ones often didn't wait. Notice all the children behind this little one who are listening intently and not eating yet:

Caught with a mouthful of marshmallow!

Sometimes VBS is dangerous! James wound up with a black eye!

Our theme was Everest this year so we had a rock wall each day. (This is not me, although if you think it is I will claim it! Hahahahahaha! #notachance)

Snow cones are a traditional favorite! They've been making those snow cones since I was a little girl!

We had lunch with Cacky on Thursday after VBS (it was our last day) and then James and I went to take a few AR tests. I went back to pick Will up and both of my children were MONSTERS. I put them in the car to go home and they were asleep within three minutes. I drove around for over an hour that day and even pulled through Starbucks and still had to wake them when we finally got home! It was a nice drive, though! I enjoyed all the backroads!

VBS is always a fun week! Anticipation is high each year going into it!

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