Thursday, June 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm going to attempt a little catch-up this week. We have had the BUSIEST SUMMER EVER. June is almost over and I feel like we just got out of school. Soaking it all up with my little kindergarten boy since he's headed off to big school August 4th! Booohoooo! I have LOTS to share so I'm going to do my best to catch up this week.

Our Memorial Day weekend was jam-packed with fun. Grandmama's best friend has a daughter who has been like Eddie and Kelly's little cousin. Caylor was born when Eddie was in college and they've spent a LOT of time with her. Her family has been involved in almost all of our holidays, she handed out programs at our wedding, and we've watched her grow up. She graduated from high school this year, which just makes me feel really old. She was just 6 years old when Eddie and I met! CRAZY. On the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend we got up and going SUPER early to head to her graduation. James lasted the whole time, but as soon as her name was called, Eddie, Will, and I left to go to our house and pack for a weekend at Lake Oconee. {This was our county's largest graduating class EVER and we didn't want to sit through almost 500 names.} Later, after the graduation was really over, we went to Caylor's house for the post-graduation celebration where my children loaded up on cake and cookies - because Mrs. Nancy is our birthday cake baker and we know that we can eat everything that she clears as "nut free."

Will and I entertained ourselves like this at graduation:

Saturday afternoon, we set off on a trip to the lake with Papa and YaYa. We arrived mid-afternoon. It was so, so long ago that I cannot detail exactly what we did, but I do have a few pictures. I can recall: a new inflatable pool, boat rides, fishing, playing Rummikub, and canoeing. We had a fun time!

"Faster, Papa!"



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