Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

My Mother's Day weekend began on Friday morning when I had Mother's Day Tea with this little nugget at school. My co-teacher who is out on maternity leave came and filled in for me so that I could leave the babies for an hour and hang out with him. This is the best picture we took (I'm not sure why I look EXHAUSTED). His best buddy was sitting across from us with his mama and between the two of us, these were the only kinds of pictures we got from these crazy boys.

Saturday was NOT part of Mother's Day weekend as far as I was concerned. Did I tell y'all that our house in Perry still hasn't sold? And that a storm knocked down a tree and a fence a few weeks ago? Eddie and his daddy were up there all. day. long. on Saturday. The boys and I stayed at the house all day long and worked and worked and worked on getting a few things cleaned up. I stayed in my bedroom and bathroom all day long because that seems to have become the dumping ground for everything. You wouldn't know it from the state of my house. Holy moly. We go all day, come in and crash, and then go again. I feel like we haven't really been home in weeks. Anyway, I moved some furniture around and got some laundry put away and a few things organized and the next thing I knew it was 4pm. I took the boys to mama's so that we could eat supper with Anna and Lance. I think Eddie got home around 10pm.

Sunday morning I asked to sleep in. That's all I wanted. I made it until 10:30. When the boys came in to wake me up I was in a dead sleep. I think I could've made it two more hours. I may never ask for anything else! It was fantastic. I woke up to coffee in bed and the boys gave me a new Pandora charm for my bracelet. It was very sweet!

 We had lunch at mama's. SOMEONE hasn't been napping regularly anymore, but still desperately needs a nap. After lunch he was DONE and wouldn't participate in our pictures.

Later we went to Grandmama's where there was more of the crying and melting down. I think we stayed over there for about two hours while the boys played. We called in a pizza order on our way back home and picked that up. Yum!

It was a GREAT Mother's Day. Despite one grumpy little boy for part of the day, we had a great day! 

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