Monday, April 6, 2015

Jamberry Lacquer

It's springtime! School is winding down (thankfully!) and we're on the home stretch! I'm seeing all kinds of posts lately about weekend trips to the lake and the beach so I KNOW that means that a lot of you have broken out the sandals and flip flops. That means that pedicure season has arrived. I know I talk every once in a while about Jamberry on here and some of you probably roll your eyes (because you haven't tried it and don't know what you're missing out on!). Here's something that almost everyone will love, though. The lacquers! When I started using Jamberry it was so that I could put the polish aside and not bother with that messy stuff anymore. It takes forever to dry and I wasn't good at it. A friend finally convinced me to try Jamberry's lacquer line (which is hilarious because I'm the consultant and she's the customer!) and I was sold. Lacquer is our version of polish. It's 5-Free which means that the top 5 chemicals found in most polishes aren't found in ours. It also has the richest color I've ever seen in a polish and it stays put! I LOVE it.

My favorites are these:

Barely There:

Coral Reef:

Fairy Tale Set {which is currently backordered but you can still order it...the blue in this set is AMAZING} - this set knocks $1.50 off the price of each bottle.



ALSO - our Stylebox this month includes a lacquer in it! It's a fun little subscription box that I'll be happy to share more about.

I'm looking for hostesses for the month of April and May so if you'd like to get Jamberry products for free and reduced price, let me know! I'll set you up! They're FUN!

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