Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Two weekends ago I spent a day on Island Time when my sister hosted a Jamberry/Stella&Dot party at her home. It was Palm Sunday weekend and I didn't look at the calendar to see what else was going on. An egg hunt at church! Fortunately, Eddie stepped in and took the boys anyway and I gave him strict instructions to take pictures! He's a keeper, that one!

Will was skeptical at first. He wanted nothing to do with a giant bunny. Truth be told, it creeps me out, too.

Eddie told him that it was his teacher dressed up {it really was...no lying} and he felt better about it.

But he was still a little wary.

Egg hunting! Thankfully for Eddie, they fell in the same age group this year.

They had on cute spring shirts but Eddie made them zip up for their snow cones! He's the laundry man in our house so whatever he wants to do works for me! I'm not the stain remover. ;) 

I think they had a great time! We've come a long way since this:


We're on SPRING BREAK this week. So far, it's been a bit different than we planned (someone has had a stomach virus!!!!), but we're hoping things will turn around. I keep trying to convince the boys we don't have to get up before 7:30 but no one seems to believe me. I actually got them to play in the playroom until 8:30 this morning!!! WOOHOOOO! That's a big deal for a mama who is a night owl and thinks staying up until 1AM is a good idea. I'm doing a massive clean up and clean out of our master bedroom and bathroom today and will hopefully move on from there tomorrow. Spring cleaning time! Y'all have a great day!!!

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