Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Eddie's birthday was on Saturday the 21st and James planned a big surprise party for him at Granddaddy's lake house. He was the SWEETEST thing planning it and putting it all together. He definitely had some help from Grandmama and me, but he pretty much put it all together himself!

James wanted me to make sure that Eddie was blindfolded on the way to the lake. {Eddie was in on the surprise so we pulled over at the last minute, switched places, and he wore that in. He was a champ to go along with all of it!}


We spent all day Saturday fishing and the boys played in the water. Sunday was cooler so no playing in the water, but there was still some fishing! We had a great time and Eddie had a fun surprise party birthday weekend!

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Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to Eddie...and that picture of Will in the hammock. So freaking cute.