Monday, March 9, 2015

Potty Training Update.

My apologies for not updating at all recently. Life is busy, but we don't have a ton that needs to be talked about. Know what I mean? 

One thing that is in full force around these parts is POTTY TRAINING. I use the term "training" loosely here, because this little boy, who I was sure would NEVER be interested in being out of a diaper, is handling it like a champ. I almost NEVER have to ask him. He has been to school 9 days and Sunday School twice and has only had one accident in that time. He's had several accidents at home but we've learned that he either has an accident when he's playing and doesn't remember OR he's mad. :O Little stinker. Several times he's tee-teed on himself when he was in timeout. Just to be spiteful.

We have been SO proud and this method of potty training (you know, the "waiting until they're ready" method) is VASTLY easier than it was to train James when he was 18 months-2.5 years. James was MUCH younger when he was trained at home, but we were setting a timer, panicky about taking him out in public, and just overall stressed with the whole experience. Not so this time around! (In my defense, I was pregnant the ENTIRE TIME I was working on potty training James. That is no picnic, dear friends.)

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