Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tour de France.

Lauren texted me tonight and said, "Your blog called and wants you to start writing again." Duly noted. I have just not at all been interested. It's the six year slump, I guess.

Maybe I will catch up. Maybe not. We shall see.

James' class is studying France this month. You should hear him say, "Bonjour." Say it to yourself as southern as you can. Now multiply that by 20. That's how redneck it sounds. Bonnnnnj-your! I need to record it.

On Tuesday his class had a Tour de France at school so we loaded up his bike and off he went. There were nearly as many crashes as in the real one. Thankfully, Captain Safety wouldn't let me leave his helmet at home. "Moooooom. I'm riding on concrete. I need it." One little girl had a helmet AND knee and elbow pads. They had a fun time and while his teacher announced they were ALL winners, James told me privately later that he was pretty sure he won. So far, confidence has not been an issue with that kid. Perfectionism, yes...but pretty confident when he thinks he's pulled it off. Lol!

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Lauren said...

yay!!! Happy blog and happy Lauren!! and Captain Safety! HA! I totally laughed!!!