Monday, October 27, 2014


The Kidecals company contacted me loonnnnng ago and asked if I would do a review for them. I jumped at the chance because we were in need of some sippy cup labels for Will since he's at school five days a week this year. I received my products QUICKLY and actually used them quickly, but I got all tied up with moving and never got the post written. Sorry about that!!! They sent me these products free of charge in exchange for a review. All the opinions are my very own!

I chose the Mini Set of the Batty labels for Will. HE. LOVES. THEM. The sheet came with 66 one-inch labels. In hindsight, I wish I'd gotten the Every Day Set which has large and small labels. He just likes them so much that I wish I'd gotten some bigger ones for him! We've washed and washed and washed and washed them in the dishwasher and they've stayed right where they're supposed to. They've held up extremely well!

I also got myself the Leopard Print Keycals. They looked cute and I thought I'd just try and see how I liked them. At first, I HATED them. It took some getting used to a different feeling under my fingers and I thought I'd do the review and peel them right off. I've gotten completely used to them now, though, and I love them! They're fun! They've added a ton of computer decals since I ordered mine. I'll be curious to see if they stand the test of time or if they begin to peel off over the next few weeks/months. I'll also be curious to see if they leave any sticky behind. That said, I'm quite pleased with them! Here's a picture of part of mine applied. One of the reasons this took so long to post is that I applied half and then we packed up a house and moved and I've not uncovered the other half yet. Hmmmm...

{There's a little bit of Jamberry business going on for you!}

We have loved our products that were graciously given to us by Kidecals. If you're in the market, check them out! I'm going to be ordering some Christmas labels for goodies!

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