Thursday, August 28, 2014

Well, Hello!

It has been the longest, most fun week ever. We have been SO, SO, SO stinkin' busy this week. Who knew August was the busiest month of the year??? Since we last spoke I/we have...

* Friday: Taught school. Had a vendor event for Jamberry Friday night where I sold almost my entire stock. The boys went to the high school football game in their jerseys. James didn't want to go and LOVED IT. Will wanted to go and didn't watch a second. We may try again this Friday.
* Saturday: I went with a friend to a town about 45 minutes away for some shopping/errand running. (We live in a small town that has enough to get by, but there is for sure not much shopping. And no Hobby Lobby or Target.) We stopped by Krispy Kreme and the employees thought we were NUTS. Lori had a buy one, get one free card so we bought doughnuts for everyone we could think of. We came home with this:

* Sunday: Church, Sunday School, out for lunch. Followed by naps. Followed by more eating Sunday night and scouting swing sets at nearby neighbors' who have children too old to use them.
* Monday: School for the boys. A quick trip around town for me to drop off Jamberry samples and pick up an immunization form for Will. A two-hour meeting at the church for me. Then picked the boys up and laid down with Will...woke up at 4:30!!!!!!
* Tuesday: I had Book Club. Which meant I read 60% of the 400 page book on Tuesday. :) My name is Lauren and I am a procrastinator.
* Wednesday: I taught school and had a planning day after school was over. James had church activities and choir. We went to our neighbors' to meet their new puppies! Five of them! They have (EIGHT) hunting dogs and James was just enthralled with teaching dogs to hunt. He wants to teach Scout to hunt with him. #youcantteachanolddog...
I made Advanced Consultant at Jamberry on Thursday night! It's just a teensy step up, but I was proud for the promotion!
* Today: I have dropped the boys off at school, taken a shower, looked for a UGA jersey for James at TJMaxx (fail! he'll have to wear the HUGE one I found earlier in the summer), went to the library, picked up a candle I ordered at a local store, CLOSED ON A HOUSE, dropped off a book at my mama's, and picked the boys up from school.

Yes, you read that right. We have officially purchased a house. We moved over a year ago and have been sort of looking since then. We've rented a house for exactly a year. We have almost none of our things from our house in Perry (it really looks like someone still lives there), so I am excited to spread out and get our stuff back. This one has just worked out perfectly and we couldn't have asked for a smoother buying/closing process. Seriously. Hopefully we won't walk in and things just start falling apart. LOL! We're painting next week, carpeting and doing a little repair the week after, and then we'll be MOVING. I'll share pictures later. Not just yet!

Unfortunately, I have fallen down on the job of taking pictures lately. BIG OLD FAIL. Here are the few I've posted to Instagram in the past week. I've just been so stinkin' busy that I either haven't looked at my phone OR I've been asleep. No kidding.

{Friday's weather...I was SOAKED at my vendor event. Goodness, that's gross.}

{Monday's weather. Ahhhhh!}

{This boy and his nap time habits are killing me. I don't think he'll nap as long as James has. James STILL naps at almost five. Most days. Will may not make it through the year.}

{Band-aids are serious at our house.}

Woo! Does that catch us all up?

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