Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Goals - June Update

In June, we:
Went to Chehaw.
Went fishing.
Took swimming lessons.
Had a picnic.
Went to the farmer's market.
Played in the rain.
Had Family Game Night.
Went to the library.
Played in the sprinkler.
Went to VBS.
Had two weeks of Fun Days at school.
Ate popsicles.
Went to the Agrirama.
Caught bugs.
Read a chapter book. Can you tell it was Harry Potter from the pictures below. ;)
Played in the water table and baby pool.
The boys are going to see Papa and YaYa tomorrow.

Whew! We marked off a ton of goals and we still have a ton left to do! Here's to having more fun in July! How the heck is it almost July?!

1 comment:

Simply LKJ said...

Love the list! And, it looks like you guys are keeping quite busy this summer. Time is flying!! However, I will be happy for July as baby girl comes home on the 8th!!