Thursday, May 8, 2014

This Week's Wanderings.

I feel like we've done 1,000,000 things this week, but truthfully we were just busy Monday and Tuesday. One more week of school and then we'll have lazier days...for a few days anyway.

The first four are older - from a few weeks ago - but they were sweet so I wanted to post them anyway.

On Tuesday I picked James up from school a little before 11 and took the boys to Special Olympics. Grandmama is very involved with the Special Olympics in our community and she'd asked us to come by when I picked James up. I surprised them both by going early. We had the BEST TIME. I'd explained a little about Special Olympics to James before we went but it wasn't even necessary. He thought he was a participant and never would have noticed that anyone was any different from him. It was SO nice to be out there. HOT, but nice. I was so impressed by it. Everyone was doing what they were supposed to be, working together, enjoying the day. All the participants were awesome! I commented to someone that it was so cool to see so many people working together to pull it off - parents, teachers, students, others in the community, and the participants themselves. No one was whining or complaining {and I'm including people who signed up to help, here...}. It was SO MUCH FUN and so happy! James has put in to go again next year and we've decided to allocate part of his "Give" allowance {commission} money to go toward Special Olympics.

{I wish we'd rotated with this crowd the whole time. They were around James' age and just look at how PRECIOUS they are. James had fun with them at this station.}

{After that busy morning and lunch out with Daddy everyone took naps and then James and I lazed around in the recliner and watched part of The Wizard of Oz before a t-ball game. Tuesday was BUSY.}

Wednesday night, Eddie picked up our supper take-out style from the church and brought it home. We've done this the past few weeks because there's no longer a nursery for Wednesday activities so I've been letting Will sleep {he normally gets up around 4:30 or 5}.  Since we were finished with supper around 6:30 we headed out for popsicles, bow and arrow shooting, and sandbox playing.

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