Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day Weekending.

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Secondly, I had no idea how much time could be sucked up with both boys home every day. Whew! We've been busy even though we haven't. So here I sit on Saturday morning trying to quickly upload photos of last weekend while both boys are gone. {Speaking of that, James went with Grandmama to their annual Loop the Lake race. They left yesterday afternoon and when Will woke up and realized what they'd done HE WAS MAD. And sad. And didn't know how to act since "Nee" was gone. It was sort of pitiful. Cacky and "Tayta" (Kayla) came to rescue him and he spent the night off, too.} I'll likely try to post another of this week's pictures today or tomorrow. Okay, on with the show.

We headed out of town last weekend for our second annual Memorial Day trip to the lake.

Several themes can be discussed from this trip: James freaking out about wildlife. Will sleeping all the time so that he could have his paci. Eating. Sunscreen probs. (Not having it on and/or having an allergic reaction to it.) And the boys wearing each others clothes. Will wore James', but more often James wore Will's.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, climbed onto the boat, and the boys promptly fell asleep.

There was some tubing on Saturday afternoon, but it was far too choppy for it to last long.

Please note the two freckles that have popped up on his nose. I think they're hilarious. And as I was just discussing how much I love symmetry, even more hilariously they are symmetrical.

Saturday night we had fireworks {a complete show thanks to Papa and Daddy}. One little boy LOVED them and one little boy did not. Will tried to put everything he could find in his ears to block the noise. His fingers, his puppy's tail...whatever works. He also wanted to wear my sunglasses. I finally just took him to the porch. July 4th should be interesting.

This little boy had a paci problem. {He's doing great without it!} He would get on the boat and dig it out of my bag and then say, "Nigh! Nigh!" and lay down. He knows he can only have it at naptime and night. Stinker.

All of my pictures were overexposed and I didn't realize it until I uploaded them. Whoops!
There was a little tubing at the lake from the boys. Both boys did it, but James liked it most.

James the fisherman {wearing Will's bathing suit}.

James was in the tube floating beside the dock and Dad said, "Is that a baby alligator?" James LOST IT. He PANICKED. I mean, I understand it. It wasn't meant to be scary but I get that it was. This was the "baby alligator." Later, he and Will and YaYa went for a golf cart ride and saw a big rattlesnake. He came in to tell us about it and was bouncing around the room and once he'd told the story he burst into tears and had a stomachache for the rest of the night. Clearly, we've had too many run ins with scary wildlife lately. Whoops. He's also been dreaming about snakes and alligators.

We left after lunch on Monday and the boys were like this within 10 minutes of being in the car:

We had snow cones for supper. Not really, but we did eat them first! Thumbs up!

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