Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday.

I had the hardest time with "Good Friday" when I was little because I couldn't understand why we'd call something that was so bad, good. Obviously, as I've grown in my faith a little I understand more the reason that it's called Good Friday. The ultimate sacrifice was made. The sins of you and me were left hanging on that cross. And all we have to do in return is reach out and take it. That's it. Oh, I have so many things to say about this and about Christianity in general, but I'll refrain. Let's just say that I certainly wouldn't mind living in a simpler time. No social media, no fast pace, just my tiny little town where everyone goes to church and has a kind heart. Clearly, that's not the case in this world in which we live.

I'm headed to two little indoor egg hunts today and we'll have another one inside tomorrow. Silly rain has caused this to be an egg "scramble" kind of a weekend instead of an egg "hunting" weekend. In honor of all things Easter {both Jesus and the bunny}, I thought I'd share a Five on Friday: Easter Edition.

{1.} Easter Baskets! I thought I'd save this for tomorrow {our bunny is coming one day early and James' is SO NERVOUS he won't know to come early or might forget...he even got up this morning and checked the eggs in a basket on his little breakfast table and gave a deep sigh and said, "He didn't come last night."}, but I'm going to go ahead and share a sneak peek of the boys' baskets {buckets} today. I had such a fun time putting them together and honestly I could've picked out a million more things to throw in there. Can you tell my love language is gift giving??? {And receiving...*ahem*}

{2.} Easters Past.

{I'm marveling at how dark my hair is in these pictures...whooo buddy has my hair girl made it light recently.}

{3.} Easter Plans. This year we're changing things up and having brunch with Mom, John, and Kayla. Last year we had lunch at our favorite Sunday restaurant across the street from our church, I have no CLUE what we did the year before, I know I hosted it in 2011, and in 2010 we were at Mom's. We don't have any traditions. James actually chose brunch foods, much to Eddie's dismay. That man likes my mama's cooking and was looking forward to a few things we're not having now. :) Maybe next year!

{4.} Easter Candy. What's your favorite? My ABSOLUTE favorite...Reese's Eggs. Mmmm. I also don't mind Cadbury Eggs, Robin's Eggs {maybe it's an egg thing?}, and almost any kind of M&Ms {I saw carrot cake M&Ms this week...ICK.}. I couldn't find ANY bubble gum eggs in a tiny little egg carton for James...those were my favorite when I was little. And Sweet Tart bunnies.

{5.} Easter Finery.

{Just want to point out that the third picture from the left on the top row is JAMES in 2011. Boooohoooo. And the top row farthest to the right is Will last year. Someone has GROWN! The picture of James showing his belly button is him shoving Easter eggs into his pocket last year because his basket was full.}

It is no secret that little girl clothes are cuter than boy clothes, but I LOVE little boy summer clothes. We stick to the basics - shorts and a polo on bigger boys and john johns on little boys for play clothes. And we're partial to seer sucker, plaids, and ginghams around these parts. This year for Easter Sunday the boys are wearing what they wore to John's wedding - tan suits and navy bow ties {as is their daddy!} and I have my own seer sucker dress. The boys had their Easter pictures made in chambray shorts and white polos with a bunny ears monogram. SO fun!

Happy Easter, friends!

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