Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's!

We had a fun day yesterday with April Fool's jokes at our house. Or "fools" as James called them. "Do you have any more 'fools' for me, Mama?" I got the boys at lunchtime with a few jokes I'd picked up at Dollar Tree. If you're not looking there for cheap entertainment, you need to be. Not only did they have fun practical jokes for April Fool's, I also bought our SeaWorld "souvenirs" there a few months ago. Shamu for $1 instead of $15? Yes, please!

I picked up silly glasses for all of us, but also found a snake in a can {this was definitely the hit parade!} and a golf-ball-through-the-window cling. I had to point out the golf ball and I fussed at James for throwing it. He was SHOCKED. He thought it was funny after he realized it was a "fool" and then set off to put it on another window to surprise me. :) The can of nuts was FUNNY. James immediately said, "I can't open those! I'll have a reaction!" Whoops!

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