Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Windows, Shamrocks, Playdates, and Easter Eggs.

Spring is here! Spring is here!

Over the weekend the weather in our part of the world warmed up considerably and the days have been dry so far. The birds are singing, I've been wearing dresses and sandals, and the boys have been begging to wear shorts and play outside. No complaints from me!

Yesterday we were driving with the windows down and Will was squealing with delight. His hair is curly, but LONG {almost to his shoulders when it's wet} and the wind was just whipping it all around. Yes, I took this while driving. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

After nap time/rest time yesterday we headed out to play with John Michael and Mrs. Lori. Lori is the craftiest person I know {the good kind of crafty...} and she helped me make my first ever burlap door hanger. She was SO sweet to help and I had the best time visiting with her. The boys played and played! Lori cut out the fabric for our shamrock before I got there and then I cut the burlap and glued it all together. It was MUCH easier than I expected. Might even be something I could handle on my own! ;) Thanks, Lori! I hope that we'll get together again SOON. James and John Michael see each other every day, but Lori and I never get to visit.

Today, instead of reading at nap time, James and I opened our Resurrection Eggs. I bought these last year after Easter {I think...} and we've never used them. If you have children and don't have these, RUN...don't walk...to Amazon or another book store and invest in some. James LOVED them and thought they were fun. He asked questions, we talked about the Easter story, and he's asked to do them again later. He didn't like the last egg...the best egg...the empty egg. Whoops! We'll work on it! Ha! This is a great tool!

As for the afternoon...I'm about to lose my mind. Will decided not to nap so he has been fluctuating between wild and screaming his head off. If you've been around Will for any length of time you might know that his screams could wake the dead. James napped for an hour but he lost all electronics for the day when he disappeared while we were outside earlier and wouldn't come when I called him. SO. No entertainment except me and each other and they're losing it. We just had a collision while they were chasing each other while eating a snack and James landed on some wooden blocks. Is it bedtime yet???


Unknown said...

Your shamrock is so cute! I need to get on something--anything--for my front door. I haven't put anything up since I took down Annabelle's birthday decor.

Thanks for the reminder about the resurrection eggs. Last year I was just keeping my head above water with the transition to two kids. This is the year to start it!

Jennifer said...

Love that shamrock!!! So cute!