Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday.

1. Happy, happy birthday to my favorite man! It's Eddie's birthday today (NOT his 40th birthday, although my Dad texted him bright and early to tease that it is!) and the boys are EXCITED to celebrate. James picked out a gift for Daddy WEEKS ago - a Wii shotgun for their hunting games. Eddie has also asked for a new pair of boots. His new job has him visiting farms more often and he needs to wear boots to work WAY more often than dress shoes so he needs a new pair. We'll be shopping for those this weekend. The boys are spending the night with Grandmama tonight because they have a race in the morning (I think it's Will's first race!) so we celebrated at lunch!

2. James' class and the other 3-year-old classes had their annual Rainy Day Parade today - in the bright sunshine! A teacher told me she KNEW it hadn't rained in the past 5 years. It was still fun! (Yes, that is him under the GIANT umbrella. It was all I had in my car. I brought back another {borrowed from Cacky} but he stuck with the huge one!)

3. I'm doing a little Easter decorating this year. New chalkboard drawing, new bunny burlap banner (say that five times fast!), and I'm going to find some pretty flowers to put out. Done and done.

4. I'm starting a workout/eating plan with a trainer and a group of women on Monday. I am nervous excited about it! I have weighed in and taken before pictures (I'll spare you...they were promptly deleted from my phone lest anyone looks at my photos) for my trainer. I'm eating an almost exclusively clean diet for three weeks and working out daily. I did one of the workouts on Tuesday and I am STILL sore from it today. It was GREAT while I was doing it but about five hours later I started to feel the soreness set in and it was no joke. I can't wait to do lower body (sarcasm font) and then try to walk and look like a normal person.

5. James starts t-ball next Tuesday! We are so excited about it! Unlike last year, we know AT LEAST six children on our team. Eddie is coaching with two of our friends and they are going to have so much fun. James has assured me that THIS year there will be no laying in the dirt. Hmmm. We'll see, huh?

Y'all have a fun weekend!

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