Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sanitize and Sterilize.

I woke up this morning and quickly realized we had a smelly situation. I'll spare you the details, but Mr. William climbed into my bed this morning and it was immediately obvious that he needed a bath. At the end of the first bath a small accident caused the requirement of a second bath. I have washed sheets, thrown jammies away {they were washed twice before I made that executive decision}, Will has had some Pedialyte, I've taken a shower, I've washed my hands 452 times, and I've begun the process of Clorox-ing the tub and the toys that were in it. Fun times. I'm assuming we may have a little bug, although there's not been any vomiting thus far. I kept both boys home today {for fear of Will having another accident while riding in the car...not so much for fear of spreading germs} and they've watched a LOT of television. Isn't that what a sick day requires? Hopefully Will will be the only victim and we'll get it cleaned up and smelling better *ahem* in no time.

In addition to that excitement this morning, I discovered evidence of a mouse in our house on Friday night. Since then I have washed, scrubbed, Clorox-ed, and gagged while cleaning out all the cabinets in the kitchen. I haven't caught the critter yet, but I have rubbed peppermint oil on every nook and cranny in that darn kitchen {apparently they don't like the smell? I may never like it again either...} and I'm hoping he or she has run for the hills! I need to borrow someone's cat for a few days.

Our house SHOULD be so clean by the end of all of this that you could perform surgery in it. Goodness gracious.

Of course, this WOULD be the week that this happens. Valentine's parties, Valentine's Day, Will's birthday, Will's party, and this weekend we're heading to Orlando {burglars beware - Eddie is staying home!} for three days. Germs, begone! Mice, begone!

Back to cleaning...

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Lauren said...

I think you are my hero today. The THOUGHT of all of that {mice included} is enough to do me in. I am with you on the TV...I handed AM the iPad and went back to bed til Baby Bro woke up 11. You need a vacation (and I dont mean Orlando with children - though it will be fun!) I mean like Mommy vacation at a hotel and spa alone with a few books and thats it!!! Hope everyone is better now!