Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, Monday.

My HILARIOUS Daddy just emailed to tell me my blog was broken...since I hadn't posted anything since Thursday. Hardy har har. I've been a little bit burned out on the whole blogging thing lately. I'm trying, I really am. I'll get interested in it again. Can you believe I've been doing this for almost SIX years now? Goodness gracious. Do NOT go and read my first posts.

Our weekend was very, very lazy. I think we've just not gotten back into the swing of things after our sick + "snow" days and we were just LAZY. 

Friday night Anna and Mom came over to eat hamburgers with us and James was invited to spend the night with them but opted to STAY HOME so that he could play his hunting game on his new iPad {some sort of Galaxy Tablet, maybe? I have no idea...} with Eddie. They are INTO the hunting game. I'm going to be on the search for a Wii hunting game soon. Suggestions are welcome.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School {and I never feel too germy when I leave Sunday School but everyone was sneezing today and I wanted to bathe myself in hand sanitizer!} and came home for lunch and naps. Grandmama got the boys mid-afternoon and we went to their house to watch the Super Shutout. I mean Super Bowl. We cheered hard for the Broncos, but they didn't hear us. I was in the dark about Bruno Mars but I liked him! And I surprised myself by actually having heard his songs. The boys watched Mickey Mouse instead of football.

I've spent the day today running from Eddie's office, to Mom's, to preschool, to a meeting at our church, back to my mom's, to my house, to pick James up, to pick Will up, and home for naps. I've made Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast and Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes for supper. I've cut and addressed all of Will's birthday invitations and gotten some of his decorations ready. I've run the dishwasher and the washing machine. I've even managed to do some correspondence about a few Continuing Education classes I need to take. Somehow my house is still a filthy mess but I'm confident we'll tackle that after bedtime tonight.

Since I don't have a ton to share, here are a few things I meant to share on Five on Friday.

1. Kamik Rain Boots. Because I had a $25 gift card from Amazon leftover from Christmas that was burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to put it toward a pair of rain boots for myself. I've been coveting Hunter boots for a while but knew that the $25 wouldn't put a DENT in those and since I'm not certain I'll even wear them all that much I found a knock-off pair for a more reasonable $35. I ordered the 9 {I wear an 8.5 or 9 in almost everything} and they seemed too small so I re-ordered a 10. They fit great in the foot but the calf is pretty snug and I have fairly thin legs. Do you have a recommendation for a great fitting rain boot? Hunters are out right now, so suggestion for a lower price point would be great!

2. James slept in his bed all night LOTS this past week. This is a miracle for us. Every night he sneaks into our bed sometime between 1AM and 5:30AM. Almost every night I wake up and ask Eddie to take him back {he's gotten too heavy for me to carry his dead weight...I put him back if I catch him climbing in and can make him walk}. He told Eddie the other night that he'd stay in his bed all night if Eddie would lay down with him...and lo and behold...he did! Eddie will be laying down with him from here on out. Or until that trick doesn't work anymore.

3. February. Once upon a time my February was NEVER busy. Take some Valentines to school or go to a Valentine's Day dance and that was IT for plans. When you have a February baby, though, things change. Just in the next few weeks I have: a meeting with one of our church pastors, a meeting with a committee I'm the chair of at church, a party at a friend's house, Bunco, an 80th birthday party for my grandmother, Will's Valentine's and school birthday party, James' Valentine's party, Will's birthday, Valentines for all of my Valentines, Will's birthday party, a vacation with me, both boys, and Dad and Laura, a POSSIBLE 5K {I've been sick with bronchitis for almost 25 days...running hasn't been on the top of my list}, a belated Valentines date for Eddie and myself, and I need to find myself a dress to wear to John's wedding...and then February will be over! Sheesh! Maybe March will be calmer? Bwahahahaha. Ain't happenin'.

4. Speaking of Valentine's Day, I've been shopping for my Valentines. We've been collecting Disney movies when they come out of the vault for a while now. {Can we discuss what a fabulous little bit of marketing the "Disney Vault" is?! They are such smarties.} The Jungle Book is coming out right before Valentine's Day {also brilliant!} and I cannot wait! This was one of my very favorites when I was little. If they'd just release 101 Dalmatians I'd be thrilled!

5. Will's birthday is the day before Valentine's Day. While we're not doing a BIG party this year, I do have a few projects going on that I've been trying to tackle this week. I cannot BELIEVE he will be TWO YEARS OLD.


Anna Catherine said...

First, lance has a Wii hunting game I'm sure he'd lone James!
Second, how have you never heard of Bruno Mars?!? His songs are so fun!

pcb said...

1. How is it that I have known Bruno Mars (and have downloaded his music) and you didn't?
2. We love Jungle Book!

Unknown said...

I'm really wondering what the "Disney Vault" is? Is this a stupid question?