Friday, February 28, 2014


I need to start with this disclaimer: Lots of my friends LOVE this park and it came highly recommended. It was not my favorite. I had several complaints - it seemed unorganized {starting with getting through the gates!}, the map was terrible {we couldn't tell where things were and the print was small}, the height restrictions varied {one ride you'd have to be 34 inches, then 38 inches, then 40 inches, then 48 just seemed VERY sporadic...and one time the map said 40 inches and we got there and James was too short at 41 inches}. That said, James LOVED Legoland...probably even more than SeaWorld. It was definitely all the rides. That boy is a roller coaster fanatic! {Note: Legoland is NOT in Orlando. It was a 45-60 minute drive. And it is especially geared toward kids 4-8. James was almost too little and Will DEFINITELY was.}

When we arrived - and after we made it through the chaos at the gates - we headed toward the back of the park. We made it about halfway back and stopped for the bathroom and sunscreen {it was HOT!} and rode the jungle cruise/safari ride. It had animals built out of Legos and the boys liked it because they could "drive."

Next we went to boat school and REALLY drove boats around a water track. It was hard. I thought we'd never get back!

James did Driving School next which he LOVED. He still talks about the driver's license he earned at the end. Will was too short for that one - and it was a good thing because he could NOT have handled it.

{We appeased Will by letting him sit in this race car instead.}

Next, Papa and James rode this airplane ride. Will wasn't tall enough but a little boy was in line behind James who was the same height as Will and they didn't even check him. That's what was driving me nuts. We never knew who would check and who wouldn't and every time we went to get in line we had to check requirements, etc. Ugh.

Papa and James also rode this "ride." You had to manually pull yourself up and then let go.

While Will napped we did a few more rides. This one lifted you up and dropped you straight down. Sort of like an elevator dropping. James LOVED it but he made the craziest face every time he rode. I had to crop these crazy because I wanted to get the other kids out.

On our way to lunch we took a tour through MiniLand.

{St. Augustine!}

After lunch we hopped on the two-story carousel. James wanted to ride downstairs but Will and YaYa went upstairs.

We spotted the Lego guys as we were riding the carousel. They obviously can't sign books with their "C" shaped hands, but James did want a picture with them!

Papa made a friend.

Back to MiniLand for a real tour! The boys LOVED the buttons that shot water. Most of them made water come out in the Lego buildings but this one shot water AT them. They thought it was awesome. Thankfully it was HOT so they dried quickly.

Papa and James rode the drop ride again.

We rode a ride after this that Will could actually ride. It was sort of like the Buzz Lightyear ride at Magic Kingdom. You got in a car and shot things with a laser. It had a long line!

We stopped for a snack after that ride. The boys both had their own snacks but YaYa's ice cream sandwich got hijacked.

James did the jousting ride next. It was pretty slow but Will wasn't old enough. I think it was just because I couldn't ride or walk along with him.

After this we rode the Dragon roller coaster about FIVE times in a row. There was NO line when earlier in the day {at lunch...there was a lunch place right next to it} the line had been 45 minutes long. James LOVED this ride. It was really fun! Will was too little so we did ride swap with him where one of us held him while the others rode.

After the Dragon we went to the back of the park for Legend of Chima. We know NOTHING about Legos, but this was a water gun ride so James was THRILLED. We got SOAKED and it was COLD. James might have liked this the most of the whole day. You could never do this on a cold day. It was FREEZING.

James was EXHAUSTED after the day was over. He slept from the minute we got in the car until we arrived at Downtown Disney and then proceeded to pitch an epic fit that even YaYa couldn't bring him out of. You KNOW he's exhausted when he'd rather have me hold him than YaYa. Ha! We had a FUN, busy day!

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Lauren said...

I had no idea Legoland was like this. I thought it was more museum-y. I wonder how the Atlanta one compares? I have heard its a bit crazy too...hard getting in, tickets available online but not available at the door, etc?? Still looks like yall had lots of fun!