Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Train Ride.

Last year on Sonny's 60th birthday he requested that we eat pizza, have pound cake, and go ride the train and see cane syrup being made at a nearby museum. It was the most hilarious line-up for a 60th "birthday party." We wound up having the most fun! A few weeks ago when I mentioned it was almost Poppy's birthday, James suggested we go ride the train again. We got rained out the first time we tried but the second trip was a success. I thought we'd just go out there and ride the train and walk through the animal barn but James was so thrilled to be there that he kept pointing to other things he wanted to see. Despite the frigid temperature {40s is COLD for these Southerners!}, we wound up staying two hours! We didn't see nearly everything so James has requested a repeat trip soon - but we have passes thanks to Santa so we can go as often as he'd like! If you're a local friend and you haven't taken your kids here, GO! There's a lot of listening and learning, but James has loved it every time we've gone. And if you go on Saturday they can ride the train, which is James and Will's favorite part.

{Seriously will not be a bit shocked if James' job is one day in a pulpit. Music leader or preacher, the boy loves to pretend he's there already.}

Poor Eddie! Mom and I walked off and left him and turned around to see this. Whoops! Good workout, though!

We also visited a few homes {this is a working museum that shoes like in the late 1800s-early 1900s} and did James' favorite thing - help make grits at the mill.

It was a fun {COLD} day!

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