Monday, January 27, 2014

Pitiful Baby.

This boy has had a pretty terrible weekend. On Saturday afternoon he got up from his nap and went potty and WENT BACK TO BED. I went to check on him and he said he thought he'd rest until it was time to go to his friend Sam's birthday party. See all those red flags?! I immediately grabbed my new Braun Thermometer and took his temperature. 101.5. BOOOO. He was SO SAD to miss Sam's party and immediately asked if he could take her gift to her later this week and sing "Happy Birthday." Yes, sweet boy. He was pitiful for the rest of the evening and at supper Cacky came over and held him while she fed him his supper. Ha! It's good to have a Cacky close by.

We obviously stayed home from church yesterday. Thankful that I have a sweet friend and co-teacher for Sunday School who doesn't mind me texting at the last minute that I can't be there. We all lazed around yesterday morning. At lunch I gave James some Motrin since his fever was climbing back up and he laid down for a nap around 12:30. I FINALLY got him to wake up at 5PM. 5!!! You KNOW he doesn't feel good if he's sleeping that long. He actually got up twice to potty and went straight back to bed. {His brother, meanwhile, was up to all kinds of crazy antics. More on that later.}

Last night James perked up and ate supper and got to play his hunting game on his new iPad he got for Christmas. {It's actually a Galaxy Tab or something like that but he is THRILLED to have his own tablet and he is OBSESSED with the hunting game I added to it.} He was up until 11PM since he'd napped for so long but he finally conked out.

He got in bed with us in the middle of the night and around 5AM told us he was thirsty. He went to his bathroom for a drink of water and then said he'd thrown up. I got up and turned the lights on but couldn't find anything. Thankfully, I think he meant he NEEDED to throw up...and unfortunately, he did. Poor little buddy. His fever had spiked suddenly and his little body couldn't figure out what to do about it. He slept in his bed until 7:30. Poor Eddie had to get up at 5:30 so going back to sleep was short-lived for him. And I was so panicked he'd throw up again I slept with one eye open. And of course Will was up by 6:45. I did get him to lay back down in his bed for a bit, thankfully.

James hasn't gotten out of bed yet today. I took him some waffles and juice and ginger ale and he's managed to keep those down. He's also taken some fever reducer so hopefully that will work its magic soon. I'm hoping that this is just something viral and not his ears but he'll definitely miss school again tomorrow with this fever. If he's fever-free tomorrow I won't do anything but if he's still running one we'll go get him checked out.

Poor little man. It's no fun to be sick!

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