Monday, January 13, 2014


I discovered last week that Will has found a new joy - stacking BOCKS! He says, "Tack, tack, tack," as he stacks them up and yells, "UH OH!" when they fall down. One of my favorite things about this baby child? He shows all his teeth when he smiles and has a big ol' dimple in that squishy cheek. I could eat him up {when he's not causing mayhem...he could give the Allstate guy a run for his money!}. James is excited about this new development because they can, "tack, tack, tack," together now and Will can participate in the "How High Can We Build This Before It Crashes?" game instead of just monstering through like Godzilla and destroying everything in his path. Fun times.

This boy is also ONE MONTH away from two years old. HOW in the world?!?! I cannot believe how fast those two years flew by. I have a hard time remembering all of James' baby moments. Thank goodness for the blog. This one, though, I soaked it all in and still cannot believe we're almost at two years old.

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