Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Day Menu.

I've misplaced my camera connector so the pictures of Christmas that I'd LOVE to show you will have to wait. I KNEW I should've asked for a wireless card. Oh well. Remind me to ask next year...I'll forget.

Eddie and I have just about decided NOT to do anything for New Year's Eve this year. Lame? Maybe. Smart? Probably so. We have been on the go and won't stop until after the weekend after New Year's so maybe we'll just hole up at home that night and watch movies. I'll watch movies. Eddie will fall asleep two minutes in. Oh well.

New Year's DAY I'm going to be fixing a meal. I always have high hopes for the New Year's Day meal and then I forget to go to the grocery store or I'm exhausted from staying up until 3AM. It just never happens. This year I'm planning ahead.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin. 
I really cook it in a crockpot. Recipe HERE.

Hoppin John.
Eddie and I love this. This is a different recipe from the one I made last year. New recipe HERE.

Collard Greens. 
IF I make greens this year, I'll use the recipe HERE. If. Eddie and I don't like them, so it really depends on whether we have anyone else with us (because really, you're SUPPOSED to eat greens on New Year's Day, you know?).

Pretzel Pie. 
Plus chocolate chips this time. Recipe HERE.

Y'all have a great weekend. I'll hopefully find my cord over the weekend and share our Christmas pictures next week.

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