Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday.

1. I am obviously a blogger failure. I have at least 5 drafts of posts that need to be published. The pictures are just killing me. It is such a stinkin' chore to post them and our internet is out to give me gray hair. I called the provider today and the tech said it sounded like a problem with our wireless router so I needed to plug our whateveritscalled straight into my computer. I was satisfied with his answer and hung up...only to remember that you can NEVER plug anything into a Macbook just because they're made to be light weight and don't come with connections for ANYTHING. SO. Now I have no idea what to do. Replace the router and see if that works? Who knows.

2. Frozen. Mom, Eddie, and I took James to see Frozen on Tuesday night. We'd heard it was EXCELLENT - best movie of the year. And it was great! I really, really enjoyed it. I am especially loving the twists on the princesses these days...not quite so helpless and girly. But I am a sucker for the classic Disney movies so it can't be ranked as my FAVORITE. However, the soundtrack. Y'all. The soundtrack is excellent. This is one we'll listen to in the car for a long time! I probably should've waited and just put it on my Christmas list, huh? Whoops!

3. Christmas Jammies. Not for the boys. My own. :) I bought myself two pairs of precious jammies from Gap the other day when they had a 50% off sale and they are SO fun. I sent them to a friend to get a monogram on them and I can't wait to see them. I asked on Facebook who I should use in town that could get them done quickly and a friend commented that only in the south would a monogram be an emergency. ;)

4. We have a white squirrel in our backyard. Not albino white, but definitely a different color nevertheless. Do y'all have squirrels where you live? I thought they were normal but when we lived in our old house we NEVER saw them and when we traveled to Costa Rica we met a family that had NEVER seen them. Their kids thought they were awesome. "Hey kids, look at that waterfall!" "No, look at the squirrel!"

5. These pictures are a few weeks old, but funny anyway. Will has decided it is MOST hilarious to throw random things into the bathtub full of water. He does it when we least expect it and he's successful about 99% of the time. So far we've had a book and a Santa hat thrown in various times. As well as himself AFTER he's been bathed and jammied.

Y'all have a fun weekend. We're running in a million directions!

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Anna Catherine said...

We always had trouble with our wireless connection in that house too, but I think that we borrowed a router from Tiftnet. Where are y'all keeping the router?