Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Decor Home Tour!

I am totally laughing over the title of this post. TOTALLY laughing. Our current home has been such a blessing while we're trying to sell our previous home, but it is tiny. It's a little larger than half the size of our previous home so we're a little squeezed in there. I've lived in it twice before - three times in one house has to be getting close to a record, right? - and the last time I lived here I was single and didn't even use one of the bedrooms. To bring three boys with me this time makes things a LOT tighter. We're using every square inch.

So the tour is a bit short this year. I just didn't put much out. I'll post links to our previous home tours below. I don't expect to win ANY decorating awards, but I did want to remember our {hopefully} only Christmas here! {Oh my goodness, what if it's not?!}

Our Den:

This is the tree I used last year for our dining room. I put all of my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments on it. This year it has all of our family ornaments on it. You'll see lots of school-made ornaments, Disney ornaments (we were not so Mickey-obsessed before kids), Bulldogs ornaments, and just various other ornaments we've picked up here and there. I give each boy AT LEAST one new ornament a year that has to do with something from the past year. This year they haven't opened them yet but they're getting four new Disney ornaments. Such a shock. We were Peter Pan and Hook for Halloween + we traveled to Disney so it just seemed fitting. We bought a few ornaments AT Disney this year and I cannot find them anywhere. I'm sure they're just packed and in storage. Oh well.

Two pillows I bought from Meredith last year and the year before are in the recliner in the den.

A few Santas and my Nativity from Bethlehem are on display as well.

This is how I've displayed our Christmas cards this year and it's been a disaster. SO easy to do, but they keep falling down. This was taken several days ago so this whole area is full now. I need to find a new spot to display but I'm just irritated that they're not staying up so I may scrap the whole idea.

James' room has his little reindeer pillow, an okay-to-touch Elf on the Shelf, and a bulletin board full of things he's brought home from school!

Our Elf on the Shelf can always be found hiding somewhere in our house. Today he was in James' room holding a Polar Express soundtrack (because we're going to the Polar Express in town tonight!) and earlier this week he was holding an elf picture of James. Silly George!

Thankfully I took this of James' tree a few weeks ago because the top half of the lights are OUT.

I've been home with one child or another sick with a fever since SUNDAY. We're getting out tonight but are going to try not to share our germs. James had a fever Sunday and missed school Monday. Will had a fever Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and missed school Wednesday. James had a fever after school on Thursday and so far all day today. Goodness. No ear or throat complaints and no cough so I'm thinking we just have a little cold or something.

Y'all have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!

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