Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday.

1. I sort of failed on the whole 31 Days of Halloween thing, huh? I got a little sick of Halloween after all the birthday stuff and didn't get back into it (except that I HAD to). My birthday is the day before Halloween so that kind of killed the energy on it, too. I do have several more posts so stay tuned for about another week of Halloween. I know, I know...To see the whole series (so far...) click on the graphic below.

2. Speaking of my birthday. Lordy, lordy...I turned 30. I can't believe it. I don't feel 30. Isn't 30 supposed to feel old? I did get a gift from my mama to fight aging so I guess I'm there. HA. We didn't do anything BIG to celebrate, but we did celebrate all day long. The boys both went to school and my mama and I went to brunch. I had to go to Will's Halloween party after brunch. When I picked the boys up we went to lunch at Chili's. Big old disappointment. We came home for naps (James did, Will didn't...go figure) and then had to go to church. James was an ILL PILL getting ready for church. Eddie and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and it was FABULOUS. Locals, I totally recommend Olive Garden over Chili's. Goodness gracious at the difference. I wish we had more local restaurants. I guess my take-away from being into my 30s is that time just FLIES by. I feel like I blinked and my 20s were over. I want to fill my 30s with all kinds of fun memories with my boys. But I also want to slow it down and just enjoy it!

3. Birthday GIFTS. I really hit the jackpot this year. A few Amazon gift cards (thanks Dad, Laura, Mrs. Bobby, and Mr. Tommy!), Obagi for my wrinkles (thanks, Mom!), a fabulous Jurassic Park t-shirt from Anna and Lance (that I haven't wanted to take off because it is SO soft!), and Toms and a few fun Coton Colors things that I collect from my boys!

{Jurassic Park shirt AND it was on tv. It was meant to be.}

{New Toms from the boys.}

{New Coton Colors turkey attachment. Welcome, November!}

4. James and Eddie were both in our local paper one day this week. James' picture was in it because he was one in a group of kids that donated canned goods to the school for the Unite Way's canned food drive. Eddie was in it because of his new job - introducing him to the community, etc. I won't share Eddie's picture with you {because he wasn't thrilled about it to begin with!} but I'm definitely sharing James' picture!

5. I am SUPER thrilled for November. Our weekends are already full of fun happenings, but they're more just show up commitments than things I have to put a ton of planning into. I am going to enjoy it! I'm going to try not to put a ton of pressure on myself this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and just enjoy the season! {But for real...let's bring on the cooler weather!}

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