Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Day 13 - Scaaaary Mooooovie Niiiight.

I've mentioned before that we're a bunch of wimps in our house. Big old wimps. Especially my husband. He hates scary movies with a passion. I do believe he gets it honest because no one in his family enjoys being scared. And to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of scary movies these days either. I do LOVE Alfred Hitchcock (one of my best friends and I used to have Hitchcock marathons...we should do that soon) and I have a few other tried-and-true scary movies that I love, but I am not a fan of most of the newer gory scary movies. No thanks!

Today, James and I are snuggling up and watching one of my VERY favorites, Hocus Pocus. I can remember watching this one in the back of my stepmom's 4-Runner when I was probably in 2nd grade. {Remember back when seatbelts were a suggestion? We laid down those back seats and sprawled out in the "way back" on our trips to and from Atlanta.} This will be the James' first annual viewing of this classic and I'm excited about it!

{Gee, doesn't he look thrilled? Perk up, kid! He was just bouncing down the hallway...Ask him to pose for a picture, no way, Jose!}

If you're interested, here is ABC Family's schedule. Their 13 Days of Halloween begins on Saturday the 19th (that's this weekend!) and I've got my DVR set to record a few favorites. We're especially excited for Toy Story of Terror, Monsters, Inc., and the Grinch Halloween movie they have on their lineup. Eeek! {I wasn't asked by ABC Family to share this, it's just one of my favorite things they do!}

What are your favorite scary movies that I need to add to my own lineup? Any that aren't too scary for my family?

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