Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Weekend of Celebrations!

Friday afternoon (after a horrible, HORRIBLE afternoon with a teething 18-month-old) we hit the road north to Atlanta for one of my best girl's wedding weekend! Elizabeth (whom I normally refer to here as Lib, Libba, or Fake Aunt Lib) and Mr. Bobby (as James calls him) finally tied the knot and I was SO honored to be a part of their big day!

First stop was to Papa and YaYa's to spend the night and send the boys off for a weekend at the lake. We arrived pretty late - 10:30 - but that didn't stop the boys from running like wild hooligans and enjoying a little time with their grandparents. Thankfully, everyone settled back down around midnight and slept all night long.

Saturday morning we were up and headed to the rehearsal that started at 10:45 (I think the venue - The Estate in Buckhead - had another wedding Saturday night). We rehearsed the wedding and made our way to the Bridesmaids Luncheon at the Swan Coach House. This was so much fun! It was fun to be with all the other bridesmaids (I knew everyone else, but I was the only childhood friend so it was fun to reconnect and catch up with the college friends) and the food was delicious.

Saturday night we went to the rehearsal dinner at Basil's where we had more delicious food. I think the wedding theme was good food! We got a chance to meet all of Bobby's side (they're from Chicago so we'd definitely never met any of them!) and mingle with the rest of the wedding party again. We really enjoyed ourselves! After dinner we chauffeured the bride and groom to Lib's Aunt Sally's house for a fantastic cocktail party where we laughed and laughed (and laughed and laughed!) at the toasts given by both sides of the family and by friends of Lib and Bobby. Oh my goodness, the stories were fantastic. 

I did not toast/roast her, but if I had I think my stories would have included "The Route" that she and I rollerbladed. Miles upon miles upon miles of rollerblading while we spied on boys and hoped that they would come outside as we "happened to be" going by so they'd invite us to hang out with them. Mwahahaha! Fun times.

Sunday was the BIG day. I started out with a visit to the Dry Bar. I have long heard how wonderful they are, but hadn't ever been to one so when I knew I was responsible for my own hair, I immediately jumped online and booked myself an appointment. I got an updo (they call it an up-tini) but I think I may try to find an excuse to go back for a blow out. It was just so much fun!

After grabbing lunch with Eddie and making a run to Target (here's a "country come to town" moment for you - we were THRILLED that Target was underground because it was FLOODING...It was just so much fun!) Eddie dropped me off at the venue to hang out with everyone until showtime.

Lib arrived and got her makeup done and we spent the afternoon enjoying ourselves and hanging out. Everyone was relaxed and calm and having fun! 

So here's the not-so-relaxing part. I swear, I get myself in the weirdest situations sometimes. While Lib was getting her pretty dress on and the photographer was snapping away, I was in the corner surrounded by about three of her bridesmaids who were trying to help me get MY dress on. Y'all. How embarrassing. My dress was gathered all around the bust and because it was ruched in the back, the zipper would NOT budge past. I seriously thought I might have to ATTEND the wedding, rather than be IN the wedding. Our last attempt to get the dang thing on was to go into another room (remember, the photographer was trying to photograph Lib, not me in my Spanx...) and take the dress OFF, zip it up and pull it on over my head. Goodness gracious. Finally, after about five minutes of pulling and tugging on the part of myself and three other, we got it on. Crisis averted.

The wedding was just BEAUTIFUL. Lib was gorgeous and the flowers were pretty and everything was pretty much perfect! It did rain early on Sunday so we had to move the planned-outdoor wedding inside, but that was far from disastrous. It was still so, so pretty (and not hot!).

First dance!  That's me right behind Lib. She had each bridesmaid choose her own dress so those other girls are bridesmaids as well! It looked good! We were a rainbow!

Brother/Sister dance. Sam swooped in and stole her from George. 

Cake cutting (which I MISSED!). Don't you love her party dress?

I am so thankful for Libba and so glad she's met Mr. Bobby. We can't wait to hear about all their fun in their new life (in New York!) together.

Monday morning we were up bright and early to stop by the hospital to visit Cacky and Poppy. Eddie and I made it there around 10 and celebrated because it was Cacky's BIRTHDAY! We had lunch at Bonefish and then Papa and YaYa brought the boys so we could visit for a bit. We went into the hospital with Cacky and spent some time playing in the lobby until the boys were just DONE with it and ready to head home. We love you, Cacky!

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Lauren said...

Wish I had known you were going to the Swan Coach House! I love that place! I had a shower there and would have begged you to hide a few things in your purse and sneak them out for me!!! Also, the dry bar...SO jealous. When you make your appt, make me one. I for serious want someone to do my hair! and lastly, the pic of you in the very background?!?! I want more of you and your hubby all dressed up! You look so pretty! Surely someone snapped a few more of you!?!?