Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trains, S'Mores...and Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

This past Friday was YaYa's birthday so we headed north to celebrate. We got there just in time to eat supper at California Pizza Kitchen.

James has a routine of things he likes to do at Papa and YaYa's house and it always makes me laugh. He almost always has us play instruments as soon as we arrive. Silly guy!

Saturday morning we spent some time around Papa and YaYa's house. The cat door was the favorite "toy" this time. James got stuck in it once but then mastered going in and out.

Later, we headed to the Model Train Show in Gwinnett. When we arrived we thought it *might* not be exactly what we were looking for, but once we got inside we realized there was a lot to look at. We spent a good bit of time just wandering around looking at the models and both boys enjoyed driving the trains they had set up for that.

After lunch at Frontera, the boys crashed in the car for a short nap.

This is a terrible picture, but this is what Little Kitty endured all weekend. Will would wander around behind him saying, "Yow!" and "Awww!" and hug him. Poor Little Kitty!

We played in the backyard and went to visit the goats at Mr. Billy's next door later Saturday afternoon.

And then both boys rode the tractor!

After supper we bathed and put Will to bed and then the rest of us headed outside for S'Mores and "ghost stories." James told one that went, "There once was a little boy named James. And he rode his bike past the ghostes {yes, ghostes, not ghosts'} house. This was NOT a good idea."

Sunday morning on our way back home we stopped for a few hours at Zoo Atlanta. {Let me make a sidenote here and suggest that if you are a Georgia resident with a Pines library card, check out the Zoo Atlanta DVD at the library. You check it out, watch it, and return it and they'll give you a pass for 2 adults and 2 children for FREE.} We have visited the zoo a million times (well, I have...) and it never gets old. It WAS really hot and crowded, though, and the animals seemed to have missed the memo about people being there to see them because some of them were hiding. Overall, we had a fun time. I think the MOST fun we had was on the train and the carousel. James had a little mini-meltdown a bit before that and was tired and whiny but he got on the train and had the best time!

What does the elephant say?

I told everyone to look and smile and this was the best of FIVE pictures. Gracious.

Will got really scared when the carousel started so YaYa pulled him off of his animal and put him with James instead. He enjoyed it a lot more then and it was so cute!

What a fun weekend! We'll be back soon!

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