Thursday, August 8, 2013

July Books

Sphere by Michael Crichton.

I really, really didn't enjoy this book. To me, it was a very strange plot (and that's saying a lot coming from someone who really enjoys science fiction) that had too many twists and turns to be enjoyable. The navy has called on a man named Norman - a psychologist - to join them to visit the site of an underwater crash. Norman is used to being called upon for dealing with survivors of plane crashes, but this is not typical. First of all, there are no survivors. Secondly, it's not a plane. We're led to believe initially that Norman is going to see an alien spacecraft. Then we find out that it's a ship from the future that has traveled through a black hole to get back to Norman's time. Norman and a crew of people get onto a submarine where they will live for a few days as they investigate. While they're on the bottom of the sea a hurricane comes up and they become trapped for longer than they thought they'd be there. Inside this spacecraft is a sphere. The sphere begins communicating with them, controlling their minds, and attacking them. See what I mean about too much? Oh, I thought it was just plain awful. I did finish it just to see how Crichton would wrap it up, but I didn't enjoy it. Gracious.

Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater

James and I read this one together. I remember reading it in Mrs. Rodgers' 3rd grade class. LOVED it then, LOVED it now! It's so cute. James laughed at lots of it. Mr. Popper is a painter who, when painting "season" is over, reads books about and dreams about being in the Antarctic. He writes to Admiral Drake and Admiral Drake responds and sends him a PENGUIN. The penguin, Captain Cook, makes it a few weeks before beginning to act sick. Mr. Popper writes to Admiral Drake again asking for his opinion and Admiral Drake sends him another penguin. Fortunately, this is all it takes to perk poor Captain Cook right back up. The new penguin, Greta, lifts his spirits and together they make quite a pair. You can guess what's coming, right? Boy penguin meets girl penguin. They fall in love. She lays an egg. Only she doesn't lay just ONE egg...she lays TEN. Because they have quite the circus, Mr. Popper takes his penguins on the road with a show. James loved all the trouble the penguins caused. Cute book for kids! {We checked the movie out from the library and realized VERY quickly that it's not at all the same. Still cute, but just based on the book.}

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson

I have read Sophie's blog for about five years now so I have been waiting for this book to come out. It's a charming collection of stories from Sophie's family. I read it while Eddie and I were at the beach and I may as well have read it out loud to him because I would crack up at a part and look over at him, he'd put his book down, and I'd read a page or two to him. The book was really, really good. Very well written. Hilarious and heart-felt. If you're from the South, you'll surely relate. (But you'd enjoy it even if you're not!)

I have several books going for August already that I hope to finish. I need a new chapter book to read to James but we haven't read in a while. We'll head to the library soon!

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