Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Long, Lost Blog.

I've neglected the blog this week. My sister will tell you that it's because I've been doing WAY more important things, like being obsessed with this:

For the record, I called the first name. I knew he was a George. (For the other record, I also thought it would be a girl.) MY name of choice was James William Edward, though. ;) Eddie didn't understand my obsession over this, but I pulled out my Prince William books I've had since about the sixth grade and showed him that it's nothing new.

I am working hard on a HUGE post about our anniversary trip but we've been back to business as usual this week. I'm not sure why my babies don't think that blogging is as important as playing and eating and Eddie doesn't think it's as important as the mountain of laundry I did today, but they don't. Hopefully I'll have it up tomorrow!

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