Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goings on.

How is it already July 2nd??? It can't possibly be later than March, right? Gracious. The summer is half over. (I do not enjoy summer weather, so I'm sort of okay with this. I'm just not okay with the fact that we are approaching FOUR YEARS OLD with James. Slow down, time.) 

We drove to Tifton mid-afternoon on Friday to go and visit Cacky and Poppy. We enjoyed dinner with them and then dropped by Grandmama and Granddaddy's house to visit with them, too.

Our BIG even this weekend was planned a few months ago. Our Supper Club group - which is comprised mostly of a few of Eddie's childhood friends plus their spouses and another couple we've picked up along the way - went to the Freshes' lakehouse {sans children} Saturday and Sunday. We so enjoy these little get togethers. We are closer than any group of people probably should be and we have the most fun together. We arrived at lunch and enjoyed the afternoon on the dock (the weather really surprised us - 80% chance of rain and we didn't see any!). Later in the evening we went to Daphne's. I hadn't been in years and while we enjoyed it, we weren't super impressed. I would definitely try it again with a group smaller than 10, though.

This was also the first time that I'd spent the night away from Will. I was having withdrawals by Sunday morning and was ready to get home!

I didn't take the first picture this weekend, but I did enjoy a few Instagram pictures from Mom and Anna.

Both boys had lots and lots of fun away from home. James was so worn out that he asked Grandmama to put him to bed at 6:45 on Saturday night. 6:45!!! And then he slept until 7:15. If you know my child, you know this is NOT normal for him.

Yesterday we went listened to a concert by two budding musicians and then went to the library to pick up an audiobook for me. I'm about to be burning up the interstate for a few weeks and I needed something to entertain me! 

Eddie and I went to the visitation last night and the funeral today of two sweet friend's brand new baby girl. Please keep them in your prayers. My heart is just broken for them and their families. I just cannot imagine the pain they are going through.

After we got home last night some friends came by on their golf cart and the boys and Cacky and I hopped on for a quick ride around the neighborhood.

Today we're headed to pick up Grandmama after naps to go to the fire station! Should be exciting!

Hope you all have a happy 4th of July! We're supposed to get rained out here. Par for the course this summer!

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